Octave-Plateau Cat SRM-I Synthesizer

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"Octave-Plateau Cat SRM-I Synthesizer - 1976 - Serviced & Restored Early version Octave Cat. The entire signal path is purely discreet! Uses CA3080 Filter. Recently serviced by Duane R. Balvage of Synth Apothecary. Near mint condition."

Original Mark 1 Octave CAT Model 1853 SN A1955

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"Original Mark 1 Octave CAT Model 1853 analogue synthesizer. Serviced and in perfect working order.

It's possible to lose hours investigating what one of these can do - a very inspiring synth and one of our favourites. It's Duophonic so you can play a bass/drone note and tap out a lead line as well - very effective.

This synth is in excellent cosmetic condition for its age.

Octave Cat Synthesiser with Customsynth Modification and Moog knobs

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"An Octave Cat synthesiser that was refurbished a few years ago.

Professionally paint finish and silk screening by Jeff at Customsynth with Minimoog knob cabs and new wooden side panels.

Put back together and calibrated by James Walker at Synth Repair Services.

Good working condition and looks gorgeous."

Octave Plateau Voyetra 8 Analog Synthesizer Rev 4 SN MM5811

Ocatve Plateau Voyetra 8 Rev4 Ebay Item Published on Jul 19, 2017 Teambr00klyn

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"This unit is rev4 which makes it more reliable and able to understand midi cc data. The midi on this device is implemented in XLR. There are two special midi cables (in and out) included that connect to the unit's XLR, and are normal midi DIN at the other end. There are no other supplied cables.

Jomox Sunsyn, Voyetra 8, Roland TR909, jomox 888 raving

Published on Jun 6, 2017 Nigel Cruickshank

"Running through a few effects - 888 through Schippman Ebbe & Flut, and Lexicons PCM41 & PCM60 on the desk. Sequenced via Sequentix Cirklon
Apologies for the booming bass, my room is small and the standing waves abound! I'll throw up a version directly from the mixer in the coming week."

Octave the Cat SRM II Synthesizer SN G 1171

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"In excellent working and aesthetic condition. Last serviced in 2016. Octave Cat SRM II synthesizer."

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