MIK303 'Feel the beat' (Msq700 Prophet5 Vp330 Dmx Matrix6)

Published on Oct 2, 2017 AnalogSynthMuseum

"MIK303 'Feel the beat' (Msq700 Prophet5 Vp330 Dmx Matrix6)

Electrofunk 1983 style no plugins, no blue lights !!!!!

Computer sequencer : Roland Msq700


Drum machine : Oberheim DMX with early clap card
Bass: Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 rev 3.3
Brass : Oberheim Matrix 6
String: Oberheim Matrix 6
Vocoder : Roland Vp330 MkII"

OBlivion soundset for OB6

Published on Oct 1, 2017 coyotesynth

"OBlivion is a 100 program bank for DSI OB6, only made from scratch.
This demo demonstrates some of the 100 programs included in the set.
OBlivion is only available at www.barbandco.com"


via this auction

"Fantastic 80's sequencer from Oberheim to help drive your analog equipment.
Previously used to programme and sequence my OB8 and OBXA, this has been kept in a pro recording environment and smoke free.

Beautiful condition which also comes with the manual, keyboard connector cable and power lead.
If you really want to go to ton on this there is a "Hack" software for $40

Ed Miller - Synthesizer Reality Show

Published on Sep 21, 2017 edmill

"Arp 2600 with Oberheim mini-sequencer live action."

OB-Xneo Teaser

ob-xneo_teaser01 from Nutzer5582238 on Vimeo.
This one in via A. Nonym. Your guess is as good as mine. Upcoming Oberheim OB-X emulation in software? Render of upcoming hardware? We'll find out in time. Cool LED knobs.

UVI Ob Legacy - The legendary Oberheim sound for your studio - OB-Xa, OB-X, Matrix

Published on Sep 18, 2017 RetroSound

"(c) 2017 vintage synthesizer demo by RetroSound

In june 2017 I drove over 1200 kilometers with my Oberheim OB-X , the OB-Xa and the Matrix-1000 to Paris in the UVI headquarter for sampling works for the new OB Legacy software. You can find a lot legendary Oberheim sounds in OB Legacy and a lot more.

UVI Ob Legacy
One of the most prolific figures in

Oberheim Two Voice Pro demo #4

Published on Sep 16, 2017 Boele Gerkes

"Two SEMs in split mode seperately driven by two arps. Not much tweaking needed :)"

All parts here.

Treat Yourself :)