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"Art Test Music is an independent music and sound design house based in NYC. Art Test has done projects for Nike/Footlocker, Atari, KOOL, MTV, Crown Royal, Adelphi University and more. Recently, Art Test songs have been featured in MTV, LOGO, Ovation and more

For custom-made music for TV, radio, websites, corporate videos and short films or to license an existing Art Test Music track, e-mail dave@arttestmusic.com."

Cover/demo of Vangelis "Hymne" with the analog Oberheim OBXa

YouTube via magevers
"Demo/cover of Vangelis masterpiece "Hymne" with the analog vintage Oberheim OBXa synth. The OBXa was played in split and double mode."

Oberheim Matrix-12

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E-mu SP 1200 - Roland Alpha Juno 1 - Oberheim Matrix-6R

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"Beats: SP
Chord: Juno
Bass: Matrix
String arpeggio: Matrix
Audio interface: Echo Audiofire 12

Beats are sequenced with the SP to get that nice swing. The SP is synced to Logic 8 which controls the synths, records the audio and adds some delay effects. This tune is just something I'm still working on."

E-mu - Oberheim - Korg

"SP 1200, Matrix-6R and Wavestation sequenced with Logic 8. Synths are without external efx."

Oberheim OB-Mx CEM3374

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CEM3374 and empty case

Note the auction is for a 2-voice expansion board only, not the case.

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Oberheim Two Voice

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Oberheim Matrix-6 Ready to Go

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Ran Kirlian - Somnis (drone jam)

YouTube via RanKirlian
"Some fun with Waldorf Q filters and drifting pads from Oberheim OB12 and Access Virus Indigo. No additional audio effects. Video edition with Sony Vegas."

Plugging in

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"this is a Novation Bass station rack thru EH Bi-filter, backed up by MoPho Direful preset,then around 2 minutes a Oberheim Matrix 1000 comes in ....drums by SoncCharge microtinic. this starts off great but around 3 minutes with just the M1k and the drums it thins out a bit too much for my tast, it then ends on the mopho fading out"

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