Pictured is my Oberheim Matrix-6 and the Jorg Grey 6500 Series Chronograph - Barrack Obama's watch. I started a new blog on watches, WATCHMATRIX. I'll be posting watches I like, and watches I find to be uniquely interesting. Check it out.

The Oberheim Matrix-6 was my first synthesizer, hence matrix.

Oberheim OB-X

Synapse Magazine

I haven't put up a post on Synapse Magazine in a while, so I figured why not put one up. Synapse Magazine was a synth focused magazine from the 1970s. Cynthia (yes, this Cynthia) has scanned several of the issues and made them available for free here. Do check them out. Lots of old analog goodness. You will feel just like Malcolm Cecil of Tonto.

acidlab miami + anyware semtex demo

YouTube via pac209. "808 clone and SEM clone"

Andreas Tilliander - Caught in a Riot (Feat. New Moscow)"

YouTube via AdrianRecordings. Some synth spotting sent my way via /kroffe.
Spoiler alert: watch before you see the list of synths further below.
"the video for the first single "Caught in a Riot (Feat. New Moscow)"
of Anderas Tilliander's new album "Show". The video was shot during
one day with a Nikon D90."
video description
"This is the video for the first single "Caught in a Riot (Feat. New Moscow)" of Anderas Tilliander's new album "Show". The video was shot during one day with a Nikon D90.

Idea, script, photo, cutting, postproduction and direction: Olof Werngren
Featuring: Andreas Tilliander
Extras: Maja Atterstig, Magnus Bjerkert and Annette Persson


Warm thanks: Annette Persson Björn Stegman Cervera Erikshjälpen Malmö Erikshjälpen Åkarp Fredrik Holm Andreas Hörlén, JAM Malmö Joel Arvidsson Johan Hedelius Maja Atterstig Max Lodin Moa Björnsson Myrorna Malmö Oktawian Gornik Pontus Wickman

Pre-order the album here: http://www.bengans.se/popup/andreas_s..."

Spoiler alert! Stuff I spotted (let me know if I missed any):
Oberhiem SEM
Roland TB-303
Roland MC-303
Roland MC-202
Roland TR-606
Clavia Nord Lead Anniversary edition with reverse keys
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-909
Roland SH-101
DIY Modular (Suitcase and one other)?
KORG Vocoder
Roland MC-909
Yamaha CS5
Arturia Analog Factory Controller
Roland D-50
Roland Jupiter-4
Moog Voyager

Red MacBeth M5N

via Heath Finnie who has two new albums out. Ironically they do not feature the M5N, but it will be featured in a new release.


Some notes on the current albums:
"Two of my albums are now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc. These are made of of songs/fragments that were worked on over the last few years. So these are compilations, but of things that have never been for sale before. "Sounds From Beneath the Floorboards" is a full albums worth of louder and nosier songs, and the ep "Moments Before the Eclipse" is a mix of some louder and some more melodic songs. I'm putting together "The Leaves that are Brown" which is a compilation from the same period but will feature more mellow and even ambient recordings from the same time period. "

Synths used:
ARP Odyssey MK1
EML 101
EML 200
EML 400/401
EMS Synthi A
Korg MS-10
Korg MS-20
Moog Memorymoog Plus
Oberheim Matrix-12
Roland System 700
SCI Prophet 10

The Bin Part 3

YouTube via davidryle
"A version of the 3rd part of the Phosphene tune from 1981 called "The Bin". This is a live track recorded in Cubase4 with thte Arrick modular, Nord Lead2X, Dave Smith Prophet 08, Yamaha DX7IID, Oberheim Matrix6R, and Korg R3. Video editing done in Cubase. This is part of a three segment piece by the electronic music band called Phosphene which wrote original rock and EM in the 1980's-1990's. They were located in North Texas."

OP-X PLAYER within Mac VFX

YouTube via virtualoberheim

OP-X PLAYER, the cheap ($39) preset version of OP-X, played in realtime with no lateny on an intel mac within the new SM-Pro Audio VFX Application for mac (first public beta version). Note that the OP-X PLAYER is a windows vsti plugin!

The audio is routed via Cycling74 Soundflower to Apple Garage Band, where the audio stream is recorded and sent to the audio out, all without any noticeable latency!

The plugin could be installed without any problem using the integrated "Run VFX Plugin Insraller" provided in the VFX menu. The OP-X PLAYER is already adapted for VFX and V-Machine and needs no additional wizard file.

Note that you need an Intel Mac, PPC G4/G5 is not supported. Here's a short guide to try it out by yourself"

Kind of like the Oberheim OB-SX version of the OB-Xa.

Parallel Worlds "Shade"

A few new pics from Bakis of Parallel Worlds. Bakis has a new release out named "Shade". You can find more info on the release at DiN, the record label as well as Bakis' news page. You can find ordering details here. Some words on the production from Bakis: "almost no sampled percussion has been used in the whole "Shade" album. most of the percussion / drums and percussive loops have been synthesized in great detail, using the analogue modular walls. takes much time, but the results are worth it!"

BTW, you might also recognize the name Bakis from these posts. Bakis never fails to let us know when new Serge modules are announced. You will also find more images of his impressive studio, links to interviews, his music and more. He is the moderator of the Doepfer A100 list and was extensively involved with sound design for Analogue Systems. I have his CD, "Obsessive Realism" and it is excellent - brooding at times, angelic at others. It is filled with textures against analog percussive rhythms.


flickr by greg_baumont

full size

Oberheim Xpander, Matrix-12 editor

"- sysex loading/saving now ok
- remote automation for the 226 single patch parameters with MIDI CC
- program change on Xpander now reflects into Xplorer
The waveform at the bottom is coming from the Wave Candy plugin of FLStudio

BCF2000-[midi]->FLStdio->Xplorer->Xpander- [audio]->FLStudio"

Treat Yourself :)