via Baghead's sounds channel
"this is a Novation Bass station rack thru EH Bi-filter, backed up by MoPho Direful preset,then around 2 minutes a Oberheim Matrix 1000 comes in ....drums by SoncCharge microtinic. this starts off great but around 3 minutes with just the M1k and the drums it thins out a bit too much for my tast, it then ends on the mopho fading out"

Oberheim OB-8 Demo #1

YouTube via officialmikethompson
"Oberheim OB-8 - playing a quick run of one of my songs, "One For The Road" which the original can be heard on my SoundClick page: www.soundclick.com/mikethompson"

Oberheim OB-8 Demo #2

House with the Juno-106 and CZ3000

YouTube via benanderson88
"My new house song titled "purple haze" using the Roland Juno-106 and the CasioCZ3000 synthesizers. This is a live-mix, no overdubbing.
(c) Ben Anderson 2008"
Note one of the sampled drums is the Sakata DPM-48. Anyone know what that is?
Found it in the archives: link. Note they appear to have manufactured the Oberheim Matrix-6 and Xpander in Japan.

Latinsizer en Ensenada

YouTube via pepemogt
"I was invited again to Ensenada to perform as latinsizer at Pueblo cafe, thanks
music by latinsizer,
synths used Cwejman, Oberheim Four Voice, Linn Drum, Xpander and Tr-909"

Some Notes on the Cheetah MS6

Just some interesting notes from the AH list:

via Giles Ward:
"I've got an MS6 and a Matrix 1000 and they are pretty similar. I've got the Maad OS in there, that works really well (http://www.maad.net/ms6/index.html)

There are a few subtle differences between the MS6 and the Oberheim.

- No filter FM on the MS6
- The MS6 has its LFOs shared between multiple voices instead of 1 per voice
- MS6 envelopes are linear slope
- No matrix modulation on the MS6
- Less modulation on the MS6 seems to make it a wee bit snappier
- MS6 is multitimbral
- MS6 can be front panel edited but it's slow, best to use the CCs the Maad OS provides
- MS6 looks even more like a rack-mount clock-radio

Some great mp3 demos of the MS6 here:


I'd say it's great for strings and pads. Makes a change from low-end Roland synths which rely on the chorus. Could be considered as a bargain Prophet 08 (same chips but less voices, knobs and modulation)."

via Chris Strellis:
"Whilst we are on the subject, the Oberheim Matrix 1000 and MS6 both use the Curtis CEM3396 uP Controllable Dual Waveform Converter / Processor

..and so does the Elka EM22 and EK22:


I have an EM22 and it's an OK analog with a few surprises in its sonic
arsenal - again an underrated synth.

Here's some demos of my one with reverb and echo added.


Oberheim OB-8

images at this auction

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