Santa FTW

Published on Dec 1, 2017 Lackan

"From all of us to all of you - a realy synthetic, analog Christmas with a lot of Linndrum, ARP2600, OB•Mx and Pro~One. Live and prosper in peace!"

Likely the first time you've seen a Christmas tree play a synth. There's a rendered ARP Odyssey in there as well.

Rare Vintage Synth Tapes - Fairlight, Kurzweil, Crumar, Serge, 360 Systems, & Oberheim

via Glen on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge

1982 Just Fairlight

1985 An Introduction to the Kurzwel 250

Crumar Stratus & Trilogy

1983 Serge Modular Music Systems Presents The Musician’s Tapes

360 Systems The MIDI Bass Sound Demonstration Tapte

1984 Oberheim Xpander Factory Stock Patches/Volume 1

Oberheim Matrix-12 SN P64201

via this auction

"This is it ! The holy grail of Analog Vintage Synths - sounds like God! In case you didn't already know this, here are the specs:

Audio Sources 12 Independent Velocity, Release Velocity and Pressure (After-Touch) respsonsive analog Voices. Voice Control Assignment can be per MIDI Input Channel (12 maximum) or per polyphonic grouping in up to six Zones.

On-Board ("Local")

MIKE303 'Second Encounter' (Roland Tr808 VP330 Prophet 5 Matrix 6)

Published on Nov 25, 2017 AnalogSynthMuseum

"Recorded live, no blue light , no synth plugins !!!!

Oberheim Matrix 6 : bass & Brass
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 : Tron sound
Sequencer : Roland Mc-500 MK-II
Drum machine : Roland TR808
Vocoder : Vocoder Plus VP330 MKII
Electro harmonix Small Stone Phazer"

Xplorer - Oberheim Matrix-12/Xpander Editor Now Free

Available here

"An editor for the Oberheim Xpander and Matrix-12 synthesizers. That works.
Xplorer is a real-time and bi-directional software editor for the Oberheim Matrix-12 and Xpander synthesizers.

Xplorer is not just another generic synthesizer editor with ranges of slider controls that are all the same and don’t really tell you what you are doing.
Xplorer was developed by an Xpander

Treat Yourself :)