Just Oberheim over-engineering everything

Published on Apr 19, 2018 Synthead


Funny. You gotta fit it in somehow. :) What's worse are the stacked voice boards on the right. Not sure about the OB-X in this video, but on the OB-Xa, the hinges that allow you to flip the top four voice boards up are screwed into the case and attached to the daughter board. The problem is they can get slightly out of line if they are twisted, and

Oberheim OB-X factory patches cassette data

Published on Apr 19, 2018 Synthead

Watch your speaker levels on this one!

"Play this video into your cassette in to verify or load the patches. Enjoy!"


Just like modem connection signals from days past! Ever wonder what those "Tape" jacks on the back of vintage pre-midi synths? It wasn't to record your music to tape. It was for backing up and loading patches. I'm guessing 99.99% of

Oberheim OB12 - Analog Modelling Synth

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"Unique sound, unique look, great feel, completely programmable, perfect for atmospheric pads, deep bass or crazy leads.

LCD Screen and all keys, knobs, sliders and ribbon are in perfect condition and the synth is updated with the latest software.

The headphones input [output jack] is broken as in the photo, but this never bothered me as I plug it straight into my mixer,

Synthchaser #098 - Oberheim DSX Sequencer Repair

Published on Apr 19, 2018 Synth Chaser


"Today we repair an Oberheim DSX sequencer that was sparking and smoking when I first turned it on. We clean up nasty battery corrosion, repair a short circuit, rebuild the power supply, replace a broken display, install my battery eliminators to make sure we never have another leaked battery, and we test the sequencer with the

Earth Wind and Fire's Oberheim OB-8 Analog Synth?

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via the seller: "This sale is for a vintage Oberheim Ob8 8 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with factory midi. It’s in excellent cosmetic and working condition. It’s been cared for lovingly in a smoke free studio.

This particular OB8 was previously owned by Earth Wind and Fire, one of several they owned. After Maurice White passed, one of their techs was tasked with selling

Oberheim DX Drum Machine SN D42924

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"Vintage Original Oberheim DX Drum Machine/Sequencer in excellent condition. Sliders and buttons work perfectly."


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I thought these were white.

2250 South Barrington Ave, 90064, now the Pooch Hotel.

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