CosmoFest 2017 AndroidDreams Teaser

Published on May 21, 2017 android dreams

"Just testing all my midi connections and sync.
Featuring Kilpatrick Carbon Sequencer triggering the clock of the Roland Tr8 and TB3 and sequencing the Oberheim SEM Pro."

Vintage Oberheim P-100 Phasor Phaser Pedal

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Pic of the inside below.

"The Oberheim Phasor is a portable electronic music device which creates the popular phase shifter sound. It consists of four phase shift stages and an internal modulation oscillator, the frequency of which is controlled by a pot. A foot switch is provided for switching the phasing effect in or out. The unit can be powered by either an internal 9 volt

Arturia Matrix 12v - Brass & Strings

Published on May 21, 2017 Adam Borseti

"Great sounds can be had with this beast, if you know how to program it. Matrix modulation is pretty advanced synthesis for beginners! These are the best strings and brass I've ever gotten out of a synthesizer.... certainly the most authentic."


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"The OB-12 is a 12 voice synth with 4-part physical modeling synthesis. Loads of real-time knobs (22), sliders (24), and buttons (33) with a traditional layout give you fast hands-on access and control of most parameters. Extra hands-on goodies include a ribbon controller, pitch bend and modulation wheel.

Aside from great analog sounds, the OB-12 has an amazing set of hi-tech

JunkieXL: One Bassline (Mad Max: Fury Road) - Studio Time: S2E7

Published on May 19, 2017 junkiexlofficial

"Taking a bassline from "Brothers in Ams", I route it to several hardware and software synths to showcase the difference in character each one (or a combination) creates."

mother32 ambient jam

Published on May 18, 2017 tasuku0676

"with sub37,matrix 1000"


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A few issues with this one:

"1. The F# and A# keys in the top octave of the keyboard are intermittent (the ones with dimes on them in the pics). They work, but you have to sometimes depress them a few times before they come back to life. This is a fairly common problem with any keyboard that uses a Panasonic keyboard (Memorymoog, OB8, Polysix, Matrix-12 etc...). For me it

Oberheim OB 1 Analogue Synthesiser - Number 59

via this auction

"All features work fully and have been properly checked.

Programmer and patch memory are all fully working.

Very little wear and minor marking from normal use.


This is the all discrete version which means it uses discrete circuitry for the VCO's, VCF, VCA and for the Envelope Generators, similar to the SEM modules.

Later OB-1's replaced this

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