Published on Aug 16, 2017

"Pure OBERHEIM XPANDER sound played and triggered by ARTURIA KEYSTEP. No additional FX. No saturation. No tricks. Dierectly plugged into an ordinary sound card.
Sorry: DAW credits are wrong. No DAW. Only normalized ;-)"

Eve of Knowing

Brian Schaft
Published on Aug 13, 2017

"Oberheim OB6 music"

mxctr - Oberheim Matrix-1000/6R Controller Firmware Update

Published on Aug 13, 2017


"In the video, the Roland TR8 rim shot midi note triggers the arp and seq."

"Firmware update 1.00

Alpes Machines is back from holidays.

It was the occasion to enhance firmware drastically : the library used to save the 1000 patches into eeprom 24LC512 has been optimized to get the lowest possible latency. Now the Ctrlr

Oberheim OB-8 Vintage Synthesizer + DX Drum Machine

via this auction

"Drum Machine comes with extra EPROM CHIPS with other instrumental sounds. Some of the pads on the Drum Machine need cleaning, but work great! Both come 'AS IS' and the drum machine is a bonus item to the OB-8! Both items have been very well maintained in a climate controlled recording studio."

Oberheim Matrix-12 Pure Noise Chaos Demo #8

Published on Aug 10, 2017

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro c.2017

I replaced the memory backup battery today. Before restoring my patches, I took a little tour of the corrupted/random patch data. Behold the glorious analog synthesizer dark noise madness. I'm talking full-on freakout mode. Take note of the corrupted patch names - reminds me of some weird alien dialect. In

Tom Oberheim Coming to Knobcon Number Six

via Knobcon

Knobcon Number Six
September 8-10, 2017

"We are pleased to announce Tom Oberheim as guest of honour for Knobcon Number Six.

Mr Oberheim is the progenitor of the American polyphonic analogue synthesiser and designer of electronic music devices ranging from the Maestro Phase Shifter to the Oberheim DX drum machine. If you have listened to the radio in the

Oberheim Matrix 1000 w/ Faceplate Removed SN L930941

via this auction

Not the best pics, but interesting enough for a post.

ARP 2600 & Roland Jupiter 4 sequenced from ARP 1601 & synced by Oberheim DX

Published on Aug 9, 2017

"I recently bought an ARP Sequencer 1601 & want to demonstrate the fun thing of using this with a sync click from the Oberheim DX.

My next EP for 2018 will be with only using these instruments together with Cubase as recording & processing

This is how the did it in the past."

Oberheim DMX Completely Overhauled, Linn LM1 EPROM, Mods

via this auction

"No other DMX is like this. None. It’s a one of a kind, future proofed beast of a drum machine that has been refurbished and modified FULLY for professional studio work. I know the asking price is high, but by the time you read how much work has gone into it you’ll understand why. First of all here is a bullet point breakdown of every enhancement this machine has been bestowed

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