New MiniMon Synth Added to Novation's Groovebox for iOS

iTunes: Groovebox - Novation

"Today there’s a new member of the Groovebox synth family. MiniMon is a contemporary, cutting-edge synth for punchy bass riffs and rich detailed leads. MiniMon's powerful wavetable modulations generate a broad spectrum of inspiring sounds. The free MiniMon Essentials 1 soundpack includes 20 presets and over 100 patterns.

This version also includes the 'Pro Features

BLL SHORT - Controller Box for Novation Circuit on Kickstarter

Published on Jan 11, 2018 bll instruments

via Kickstarter

100 Euro gets you one.

"SHORT is a MIDI controller compatible with Circuit Novation.

We're keen on our Groove Box, a tremendous tool which enables us to create great pieces of music. But you need to plug it to a computer to set up complex patches, and we thought it was not convenient on jam or live sessions, when you want to tune

M4SONIC - Octane (Original Launchpad Performance)

Published on Jan 22, 2018 NovationTV

Follow in M4's legendary footsteps.
Find out how here:


Video by our friend, M4SONIC.

Original music written and performed by M4SONIC.

Strymon Big Sky Sound Demo (No Talking) with Novation Peak

Published on Jan 22, 2018 Bonedo Synthesizers

"Strymon Big Sky Reverb - Ambient Demo (No Talking) with Novation Peak Synthesizer."

360 Analogue Jam - Moog System 55. Novation Peak, Elektron Digitakt

Published on Jan 21, 2018 Ehsan Gelsi

Use your mouse to grab and drag the video around.

The Right Place feat. Ben Crook by Ehsan Gelsi / Ben Crook

Novation - Circuit Mono Station

Published on Jan 15, 2018 Knobs

"Immediate, multi-level sculpting

0:30 - Overview
1:33 - Building a sequence
4:30 - Audio input
6:18 - Paraphonic
7:41 - As a control source

Drums - PO-12
Synth (control segment) - Make Noise 0-Coast

For the audio from this demo, and others, and jams: Patreon.
One tier, 1$


BERLIN SCHOOL JAM *Behringer Model D "Korg Arp Odyssey *Moog Minitaur *GRP R24

Published on Jan 14, 2018 VolcaRock

"BERLIN SCHOOL JAM with my brand new BEHRINGER MODEL D and other analog synths sequenced by GRP R24. Enjoy my Recording. It’s live with lots of improvisation inspired by early Krautrock and Berlin School from past decades. Hope you can feel the 70ies vibe :-)

Used Synths: Korg ARP Odyssey (Lead & FX), Moog Minitaur (Bass), Behringer MODEL D (Pluck), Korg

Treat Yourself :)