Youth (cover) (original by Anthony Rother)

YouTube via grauoliv
"Just fooling around with the track Youth by Electro-Artist Anthony Rother from his Super Space Model album. Drums are from the Novation Drumstation, bass from Doepfer A-100, lfo sound from the virus and lead from Moog LP. Sequencing with Manikin Schrittmacher and MAM SQ 16. The TV was on (behind the camera), that's the kind of flashlights you see.

Of course, this can't compare to the original. So you don't need to tell me that AR has done it way better! ;-)"

Studio Tour 2009

YouTube via grauoliv. previous vid and more here.
"Showing around my new setup with some new stuff.

Kawai K1 II
Access Virus Indigo
Waldorf Micro Q Keyboard
Clavia Nord Modular G2
Alesis Micron
Moog Little Phatty
DSI Mopho
Akai MPC 500
Yamaha QY 10
Roland D-110
Novation Drumstation
Yamaha RY 30
Korg KR 55
Boss DR 55

Manikin Electronics Schrittmacher
Yamaha QX 21

Mackie 1402 and 3204"

HAROLD - Gravity Express

YouTube via dubharold. via LDT
"Gravity Express is the opening track from HAROLD's self titled debut CD. All HAROLD music is improvised live. HAROLD's official site:"

"most of the little blurpy lead sounds in the vid are Kaossilator and I use it live - the string sounds are the Xio, a mini kaoss Pad and the big Kaoss Pad 3 as well as a Emu vintage keys plus rack which i control with the Xio and run through the KP3 (mostly use the mellotron sounds). All the drums are live but are Alesis E-drums."
Update via LDT: "You might want to check out our mogulus channel. That has a bunch of streams including a show from November that I start out the set using my rig. Cheers, LDT"

Musikmesse: Musikmesse 2009 - Novation

YouTube via musotalk. It's in English.

Synthesis Tutorials - How to make a Minimoog Lead - Xiosynth

YouTube via RDyt
"A tutorial on how to make a minimoog style lead.
Please don't spam me with loads of "Sounds too digital" or "NOVATION WILL NEVER BEAT MOOG" comments. Because I know. I know. But it's just a basic tutorial for all the people trying to learn how to synthesise.
Peace Plx.

Synthesis Tutorials - How to make a Supersaw

Synthesis Tutorials - How to make a Trance Pluck - Xiosynth

New xiosynth presets

YouTube via RDyt
So please feel free to download, comment etc.
I'd love to hear anything that becomes of them, so my email is
Make the title something to do with xiosynth or it will probably get deleted...
So without further ado, heres the link:

Hey all! I recently decided that I would program a bank or so of patches for the Novation Xiosynth. I figured youtube was probably the best place for a shoutout, so any xiosynth users that happen to stumble across this and think "cool, free sounds" then please comment, so I can be motivated to finish the bank by some hearty interest

No external processing, recorded directly into video files into Cyberlink PowerDirector Express and my new lenovo laptop."

More free xiosynth patches!

"Another video to advertise my xiosynth patches. No audio post-processing, all 100% xiosynth.
You may find them at free to download and use at:

To use them, you will require the novation xiosynth template editor, freely available on the their website, so as to load them onto your synth."

Musikmesse: The Musikmesse via Sonic State

MESSE09: Doepfer Dark Energy

Be sure to see Sonic State's Musikmesse coverage for more.
A TON of stuff went up. The videos here are just a small excerpt.

MESSE09: Novation's New Remote SL MKII

See the write-up on this one.

MESSE09: EOWave's Persephone Mark II

MESSE09: Akai's MPD18

How to make house bass sound with Novation V-Station VST

How to make house bass sound with Novation V-Station VST from Greeg on Vimeo.
"This short tutorial shows how to make nice house / electro bass sound with Novation V-Station VST Instrument. Well, actually it's high layer bass sound - you can layer it with some subbass. Notice how FM Level Knob can dramatically change the sound. Also Oscillator 2 has volume set to 0 but still it affects an output sound thanks to FM (Synthesis) Knob

You can find this preset + whole sound bank for V-Station (and other synths) at"

psproject's photostream

more studio shots here.

You might recognize this christmas shot in the set.

Treat Yourself :)