Novation Nova 2X 49-Key Virtual Analog Synthesizer

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"49-Key Keyboard version, with Velocity and Aftertouch
24 Voices
3 Oscillators per voice
2 LFOs
3 Envelopes: 1 ADSR for the amp, 2 DADSRs
Filters: Resonant Low-pass, Hi-pass, band-pass; 12, 18 and 24 dB/Oct slopes and overdrive.
Also includes effects / outboard processing such as Distortion, comb filtering, EQ, reverb, chorus, flange, phaser, delay, panning, 40-band vocoder.
It features roughly 53 knobs, 8 sliders, 135 switches, so you'll most probably have fun with it if you're a knob-tweaker!"

Rhodes through the TimewARP 2600

YouTube via joomzb
"The TimewARP 2600 from Wayoutware is a great emulation of the ARP 2600 analog synth. It sounds great when used to process external audio - in this case the Fender Rhodes sound from the excellent MrRay73 from GenuineSoundware (oh, and the Fender Twin VST). The TimewARP 2600 is used here to provide filtering, wah, tremelo, ring modulation, audio rate filter modulation, envelope following... It's all controlled from the Novation Nocturn - very easy and intuitive for live use. Sorry, no real music here, just noodling and having fun."

M-Audio AXiom Pro vs Novation SL MK2

YouTube via sonicstate
"Expert Rob Jones take a look at the two newest MIDI controllers from M-Audio and Novation and compares."

Control Ableton Live with your iPhone

YouTube via musicradartv
"Novation gives MusicRadar the lowdown on their Automap for iPhone app at LIMS 2009. CC control and learn, scene select and clip launch in live and more."

Control Ableton Live with your iPhone

YouTube via musicradartv
"Novation gives MusicRadar the lowdown on their Automap for iPhone app at LIMS 2009. CC control and learn, scene select and clip launch in live and more."

Pelican Case MOD - Live Setup

YouTube via autoflavour
"Inspired by lack of adequate space at clubs and venues for electronic musicians, this rig requires only floor space and a single power outlet.

The setup consists of a modified pelican case that enables the rack mounting of equipment. This means I can be setup and ready to play in under 4 minutes. Hardware includes Virus Snow, Virus C, M-Audio Audiophile, Numark CM200USB 5 Channel Mixer, Novation SL25 Compact, iPod + TouchOSC.

The custom patch bay includes XLR Lamp XLR & RCA OUT, RCA IN to Channel 5 fader, RCA IN to input on Virus C, RCA IN to line in on m-audio.

I decided to use the M-Audio Audiophile as the primary sound device over the the inbuilt USB audio in the Numark CM200USB. The reasoning for this was purely down recording latency and routing configurations.

I do however have the CM200USB and the M-Audio set up as a aggregate device in OSX, enabling me to speak to both devices from Ableton.

The TouchOSC patch is a custom one built using the beta TouchOSC editor.

A quick explanation of the Audio routing page in the TouchOSC template.
This page was created only yesterday as a way to easily route audio to the Atomizer on the fly. I simply created 2 Sends channels and routed all Audio to SENDS ONLY in Ableton. Then assigned the individual SENDS dials to each button, effectively creating on off switched. This enables me to easily select the output I would like a track to take.

Not shown in this video, Controlling the Virus C.
Basically I have split the Novation into 2 zones. The first zone (1 Octave) controls the Atomizer via direct MIDI cable between the devices, where as the second zone (rest of the octaves) are routed to the USB cable which is then passed through Ableton to the Virus C via the M-Audio. To switch between keyboard control of either device, I simply shift octaves.

For those interested, the case weighs approx 16kg and due to the bolts in the sides, it is no longer water proof, however the rubber washers do protect it from most water (It is just not submersible anymore)"

Novation X-Station Patch Demo #1

YouTube via XYtoTheDoubleG"Some cool patchesTell me what you think1.Sine On-1132.Sync Leader-1213.Give Me The Horn-1374.Square Law-1465.Velo 303-1656.Unit Program-299"Novation X-Station-Radio Head"Demo #2Patch-Radio HeadTripFactor"Novation X-Station"My first loveIt's been awhile, but I can still rock this little guytell me what you think"

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