Ambient Analog Jam "Glory" System 1m + Eventide H9 Roland SE 02 MiniNova UltraNova

Published on Feb 28, 2018 Denis Polic

"A New Arrival in my basement studio: Eventide H9 Harmoniser. The best thing is that Eventide gives you a possibility to chose the algorythm you want and load it to the H9, so you can pick up the best from every famous Eventide pedal, like Space, Timefactor and Pitchfactor, just load the App on the IPad, and i can even set the parameter on it. Thanks a lot

Copy of Τετάρτη - Strymon Magneto, ambient patch performance

Published on Feb 28, 2018 Joe Miller - Xin

"A more structured performance of the '1hr Magneto Patch' -- focusing on the arc and build within the musical form.

Patch Notes:
Primary voice is Mangrove filtered via Three Sisters' Low Pass. It's pitch CV is derived from a Turning Machine sequence, quantized by Instruo Harmonaig, and then arpeggiated using the ADDAC206 quad switch. The amplitude CV

Novation Peak Poly Synth Patches

Published on Feb 28, 2018 Uriel Ortega

"Check out some of my favorite poly synth patches from the Novation Peak! This synth has to be one of my favorites. Note that the Prophet is only used as a midi controller in this video."

In praise of virtual analog synths

Published on Feb 27, 2018 Seen From Space

"VA synths are not that popular nowadays. Here's why I love 'em."

Focuses on the Novation Nova, KORG MS2000BR, and Access Virus C.

LIVE Miami Vice style old school 80s + Tutorial

Published on Feb 26, 2018 Espen Kraft

"I wanted to make something in the ballpark of Jan Hammers more slow , dark, beautiful and melancholic themes from the show.

I came up with this track called "Sheeba", and I rely heavily on digital synths and samplers from the mid 80s. Some analogs too!

The chords and sections that make up the track is explained in detail after the performance of the

The Machines play Knight Rider

Published on Feb 24, 2018 HostileSlothRecords

"The Machines play Knight Rider by LāvLab

Key Gear Used:

Roland MV-8000
Ensoniq TS-10
Novation Bass Station
Mutable Instruments Braids
Make Noise Wogglebug
Dave Smith Instruments DSM01 & 02
Doepfer A-100 series
Red blinking flashlight

Filmed with GoPro by LāvLab"

ELECTRAINS / Korg Electribe 2 / Novation Circuit / Bastl Microgranny / Volca FM / Volca Sample

Published on Feb 23, 2018 mishpult

"Going after some cinematic feel with this one. As always, recorded in one take, no additional processing. Footage is taken from a bridge at Oslo Central Station. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts."

Novation Peak and Rev 2

Published on Feb 22, 2018 Uriel Ortega

"This is part 1 comparison of Novation Peak vs Rev 2. I really love both synths, and prefer to perform with the Rev 2, and record with the Peak. Both synths are extermely powerful, and versatile. Also I prefer the peak for arps and bass synths, and the Rev 2 for poly synths.

Oscillator Comparison
Filter Comparison
Arp Demo
Simple Poly Synth Patch Creation

TAKTSTATION take 1 (Novation BSII, Digitakt, volca FM)

Published on Feb 22, 2018 Chocolate Pulp

Second jam of february.


Elektron Digitakt
Novation Basstation II
Korg volca FM
TC Electronic Flashback
minikaosspad 2

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