SCXOENF3LD-17 (live set)

Published on Aug 8, 2017 Knockout Knob

"This is a set I prepared to be played on a small festival during sunset."

Music fully kicks in at 3:38.

DSI MoPho, Novation Circuit, Korg MicroKorg & KAOSS KP3, Roland TR-8. Yellow Arturia MicroBrute on the side.

Spacey Ambient with Lofi Hip Hop Beats (Chill) - A live hardware synth jam

Published on Aug 17, 2017 Matt Greer Music

"Spacey ambient downtempo lofi beats made with Korg, Audio thingies, Mutable Instruments, Novation and Akai synthesizers and samplers

'Cassini V2' by Robots Against Children

This is newly revised version of a previously released track called Cassini. If you are familiar with the original, the first 2:20 of this will seem very familiar (with the

Circuit + Volca FM on the open sea!

Published on Aug 17, 2017 Wouter van Leeuwen

"I made music on the ferry from Dunkirk to Dover. It was horrible. Way too much sun to properly see the LED's on my gear and the boat was stable, but shaky enough to make it hard to set everything up properly. I somehow managed to record an actual track while i was on the ferry."

Mf 108 Clusterflux sequenced midi via Novation mono station

Published on Aug 16, 2017 Fuzzo Frizzbeebot

"Sequencing the Moog Clusterflux. The Clusterflux track's midi fairly well. There are a lot of sequencing possibility's here this is just a simple midi set up. The mod sequencer on the mono station can be used as well with the clusterflux. Running the clusterflux into the mono station is also possible. Here I'm simply working with a drum machine

Storm 3003 & ReD - Frost [Elektron, Korg, Arturia, Novation, Akai & Access Live Set]

Published on Aug 15, 2017

Live performance by Simone Ciacci a.k.a. 'Storm 3003' and Gabriele Marini a.k.a. 'ReD'
Select HD for a better experience!

Equipment in this song:

Simone Ciacci a.k.a. "Storm 3003":
- Elektron Analog Rytm
- Elektron Analog Four
- Access Virus TI
- Novation MiniNova
- Korg KaossPad 3
- Korg Minilogue
- Arturia Beatstep Pro
- Roland JV2080 (+ Beatstep)

How to create an Analog Drum Machine with the Novation Circuit Mono Station

Published on Aug 14, 2017

"With parameter locks and some filter and modulation tricks, the Novation Circuit Mono Station can be a fun analog drum machine.

Here's a link to download the template kit used in this video:"

AFX - Where is Your Girlfriend Cover

Digiphex Electronics
Published on Aug 13, 2017

"Roland has a Boutique in 60 Seconds competition. In my view, Boutique are disposable toys so I did this."

PAIA 9700S meets the Novation Circuit

Detlef Hurling
Published on Aug 13, 2017

"New meets old: PAIA 9700S meets the Novation Circuit.
The circuit controls my modular synth.
Have much fun."

micro banshee - #rolandboutique #60secondsessions

Micro Banshee
Published on Aug 11, 2017

"my entry for the Roland - #rolandboutique #60secondsessions

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As always, the track is played 'live' in one take - with no DAW, editing, or post production.

Recorded live [11/08/2017]

Korg EMX-2
Korg Kaoss DJ
Korg Kaoss Pad Quad
Novation Circuit


Published on Aug 11, 2017

"Last part of my Cabin series. This is the fourth video. A jam with Elektron Digitakt and Bass Station 2.


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