New Aoide Muse Eurorack Sequencer from otherunicorn

Discordant Initial Test Published on Mar 24, 2018 otherunicorn

"First ever test of the Aoide muse. Sound is coming from a Roland System 100M. All pitch and gate signals are generated by the Aoide"

New Jackyll Mini Synth

Published on Mar 23, 2018 ktozjadlciastka

"Short demo of Jackyll portable synth designed by me (ktozjadlciastka).

- squarewave core OSC1/2 with sync,
- OSC1 can work as LFO,
- VCF with 2 resonance settings (PT2399 based),
- delay with large amount of possible feedback (PT2399 based),
- build in microphone.

Power supply - 9 V battery.


SampleSimon for Eurorack by MoShang

Published on Mar 23, 2018 MoShang

"12-Bit, 6 Voice Sampler, SD Recorder, 64 Step Sequencer for Eurorack. In this vid, the SampleSimon is playing the 909 drum sounds and sending a gate signal out to a Moog Mother32 that plays the bass line. The Mother is sending an LFO back to the SampleSimon that modulates first the swing amount, and later the sequence length."

"these will be sold built. The

New ADE-33 Event Boss Eurorack Module From Abstract Data

Published on Mar 22, 2018 abstractdatabiz

"30 second overview covering the main features and functionality of the Abstract Data ADE-33 Event Boss.

The ADE-33 is a pattern and rhythm creation and manipulation module.

It has 36 algorithms in 6 sets covering Variables, Multiples, Probability, Logic, Phase and Gates with configurable CV control over all parameters."

"Abstract Data is very

New Version of Grid Music for iOS

Published on Mar 15, 2018 Grid Music

"Jamming with Grid Music and the Make Noise 0-Coast over MIDI.

All sounds recorded directly from the 0-Coast with compression applied in Final Cut.

Grid Music is sending MIDI note and control change messages to the 0-Coast. The values of active modulation cells (pink diamonds) are being sent as MIDI CC 1.

0-Coast's MIDI B CV is set to "Mod Wheel" so that

WMD Mantic Conceptual - FLEX in Eurorack

Published on Mar 21, 2018 WMDevices

"The Mantic Conceptual FLEX is an amazing and unique effect originally designed and released in a Guitar Pedal format. We recently teamed up with the Mantic team to adapt the pedal into a Eurorack module.

In this video we go through the features and knobset of the Mantic Euro Flex integrated into a modular synthesizer. We run bass lines, Drums, and an entire

SynthPatch - Patch Sheets for Your iPhone

This is one of those, "Why didn't this ever exist before?" type of apps. SynthPatch is essentially an unlimited, digital book of patch sheets for your synth. Currently it supports patch sheets for the Minimoog, SH-101, and Pro-One, but more are set to come in the future. Note it does not support the transfer of patches to the synths, as they are pre-MIDI. This is for jotting down patch

Omsonic - Triangulum VCO LTD Edition *Mini Demo*

Published on Mar 21, 2018 DivKidVideo

"This is the limited edition blue panelled Triangulum VCO from Omsonic. It's a triangle core analogue oscillator with a great sine wave, rich FM, thick square and PWM and a great saw wave. This is a "mini" demo as it's a single patch and quick feature run down as opposed to a fuller more comprehensive video. This was also filmed for the 12 days of DivMas so

New LYRA8-FX Eurorack Module by SOMA laboratory

LYRA8-FX by SOMA laboratory (demo) Published on Mar 21, 2018 Vlad Kreimer

"New SOMA product. Estimated net price 190-220 Euros.
More information you can find here:

As the tonal generator used KOTELNIKOV SM042 VCO.
As the LFO - Doepher A-111-5
As the step sequencer - Doepfer A-155

The panel in the main part of the video is the

New Future Retro Transient Plus Eurorack Module

"New features include the ability to load up to 16MB of user samples, store up to 256 Instruments on the microSD card, each sample voice now has adjustable pitch, the filter frequency can be modulated by either of the modulation oscillators, a new sequential mod source for the sample waveform selection, plus updated display menu, screen saver, and a few other goodies."

Note there is an upgrade

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