Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms Now Available

via Tiptop Audio

Full details to follow soon.

Until then, check out some previous posts featuring Circadian Rhythms here.

New Doepfer A-157-1/2/3 Trigger Sequencer Prototypes

via PatchPierre.NET

"The full subsystem will still contain several modules:

- The LED/button matrix module A-157-1,
It seems to feature some nice functions like Invert Row (when shift left and right are operated simultaneously) have been added for each row, plus mute and select for each track, shift pattern, first/last step and different running modes (fwd/back/pendulum/random)

- The trigger


Published on Jan 5, 2015 kuxaan sum

"Just plugged in the Whimsical-Raps Mangrove Formant Oscillator. Drums courtesy of Drum Dokta via Mutable Instruments Grids with some CV over Map X & Y & Chaos.

I didn't realize my ER-101 was not updated so I didn't get the ER-102 working in this patch tonight...soon...soon."

This is the first Whimsical-Raps post. Just spotted it via kuxaan sum's video

Axoloti - New Hardware Synthesizer with Modular Software Seeks Funding on Indiegogo

Published on Dec 25, 2014 Axoloti

2. Axoloti basic synthesis tutorial

3. H2SO4 - "Step sequencer, oscillators, filter, distortion acid. Screencast and audio straight recorded from Axoloti, no post-production. The screaming sound and detuning are 100% intentional. It's not a track, just

New Erica Synths Midi Through Box

Published on Jan 3, 2015 Erica Synths

via Erica Synths

"Erica Synths midi through box is professional quality, no latency, one midi In to 8 midi Through splitter in rigid aluminum case. It allows to connect up to 8 instruments to your sequencer or master keyboard and control them simultaneously without undesired delays and interference.

Price 100EUR

+21% VAT for individual customers in EU

TubeOhm super BRUNO-III

Published on Jan 3, 2015 Andre' Laska

"Sound examples from our new super Bruno-III Synthesizer
Coming soon on
Date 04.01.2015"

Delptronics ThunderBell Analog Cowbell Eurorack Module Demo

Published on Jan 2, 2015 Delptronics

"Demo of the Delptronics ThunderBell analog cowbell. Available as a Eurorack module and built into an actual cowbell."

"The Delptronics ThunderBell is a classic analog cowbell sound. The circuit is inspired by the great cowbell sound in the Korg KR-55. Like the KR-55, the TR-808, and most other analog drum machines, we model a cowbell by using two tuned

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