new synths in 2017

new synths in 2017

EBM Бас "Звуковой Объект №5" / Analog synthesizer "Sound Object N5"

Published on Dec 19, 2017 Evgeny Gurov

New Soviet DIY synth. Link to the workshop:

EBM Бас "Звуковой Объект №5" / Analog synthesizer "Sound Object N5" EBM Bass
Жирный Бас "Звуковой Объект №5" / Analog synthesizer "Sound Object N5" Fat Bass
Жирный Лид "Звуковой Объект №5" / Analog synthesizer "Sound Object N5" Fat Lead
Небольшой обзор аналогового

AVP Synth Cosmwave FX audio demo 1

Published on Dec 15, 2017 AVP Synth

"Cosmwave FX - is a multi-effects processor which consists of three separate effects - x1 analog phaser, x1 analog/digital delay and x1 analog flanger, which can all be used separately as well as combined in this order: Phaser - Flanger -Delay.
Custom designed steel casing with wooden sides.
This unit is the first prototype. The rest of the batch would have

Behringer to Re-introduce an EMS SYNTHI and More, Much More

The list:

ARP 2600
Octave CAT
Roland SH-101 (3 colors)

Details on each (no pics in yet):

Legendary Analog Synthesizer with Dual OSCs, VCF, Multi-Mode VCF, 16-Voice Poly Chain and Eurorack Format

Legendary analog synthesizer with dual OSC design allows for insanely fat music creation
Authentic reproduction of original “Wasp Deluxe” circuitry with

Sonicsmith Introduces the Modulor A1 Synth

Modulor A1 synth intoduction Published on Dec 4, 2017 Sonicsmith

"We introduce the Modulor A1 synth.

It's a semi-modular, analog music synthesizer that can create traditional sounds but extreme modulations as well.
It runs on standard 9V pedal PSU and has 1V/octave pitch input."



Our newest synth is not audio controlled but can come as a perfect

Trueno: New Hardware Digital Analogue Hybrid Synth on a USB Stick

via Trueno:

"Trueno (from the Spanish for thunder) is a 3 oscillator analogue synthesiser in a USB stick. With the same oscillator circuits found in modular monstrosities and its wild, aggressive filter; Trueno does not compromise on sound quality.

Powerful features such as a built in 24 bit ADC, instant preset recall and automation control allow it to integrate easily into your music

New DIY Polysynth Coming from Neutron Sound

Neutron sound poly synth swarmageddon Published on Dec 1, 2017 neutron7

"Here is the swarm oscillator (and a few other things) for the upcoming DIY poly synth. this is currently running on ONLY a teensy 3.6.(at 240mhz) with both main oscillators running swarm and all 6 voices playing, thats 96 oscillators. look mum no synth! The main oscillators are 'braids like' with multiple models and 2

New Analogue Solutions "Treadstone" Analogue Synth Loop Sequencer Synthblock

This one in via liquid sky berlin.

"The new analogue solutions synthblock synth 'treadstone'

fully analogue audio and modulation synth circuits with low fi digital echo

Loop sequencer

24db filter SSM style

sub oscillator, LFO, noise, EG, extensive modulation.

compact size

quality built

vintage sound

discrete VCO design

wlll be a bit more expensive than the first 2 synthblocks (mr


via Club Of The Knobs

"Herewith we would like to inform you that the CLUB OF THE KNOBS SYNHESIZER range is completed:

we are introducing our SYSTEM IIIC+



From the past to the future back to the present!

We would be glad if you’d publish the news on your prestigious website.

Thank you for your work and enthusiasm,

warm regards

from R.

Introducing the X-Bay Ultimate Synthesizer & Patchbay by Anatal Electronics

The X-Bay Ultimate Synthesizer by Anatal Electronics is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Note you can find a banner link to the X-Bay campaign in the top right banner section here on MATRIXSYNTH, so you can get back to the campaign anytime.

In short the X-Bay is an analog modular synthesizer and patchbay in a 4U rack mount enclosure. It will host analog modules featuring

Pioneer Introduces the DJS-1000 Stand-alone DJ Sampler

Published on Oct 17, 2017 Pioneer DJ

"Meet the DJS-1000 stand-alone DJ sampler – Intuitive DJ-friendly interface and powerful performance features for improvising unique sounds and phrases.

Many of today’s professional DJs use electronic instruments and production gear in their live sets to help make their performances creative and unique. With an easy-to-use interface, 16 multicoloured step

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