New Synths

New Synths

New Nozoïd MMO-3 Digital, Semi-modular, Monophonic but Stereo Synthesizer.

MMO-3 presentation from Nozoid on Vimeo.

The MMO-3 might look familiar. The design is very similar to Nozoïd's previous synths, the OSC-2 and MMO-4.

The following are some details and pics via Nozoïd where you'll find additional demos and details.

"MMO-3 is a digital, semi-modular, monophonic but stereo synthesizer. Built around various types of modulation synthesis (AM, FM, PM, WS), this

Moog Announces New Limited Edition SUB SEQUENT 37 CV for Moogfest 2017

A new white beauty from Moog. The SUB SEQUENT 37 CV adds four assignable CV outputs, two assignable Gate outputs, an upgraded keybed, a high-powered headphone amplifier for live-monitoring, and a modified analog signal path.

Full details via Moog Music:

Today we are excited to announce the SUB SEQUENT 37 CV. This limited-edition redesign of the ultra-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Edition analog

KORG Introduces Limited Edition Platinum Edition microKORG

"A bright new color appears for 15th anniversary of microKORG.
It has been fifteen years since microKORG’s release in 2002, and now in 2017, a 15th anniversary platinum-color model is now available. The stylish operating panel features a bright color scheme unified by accents such as black wood panels at left and right, making it an exciting color variation model new to the microKORG.


New miniMO 8-bit Open Source Hardware Modular Synthesizer Platform

Published on May 12, 2017 enveloop

miniMO synth - Amplitude Modulation Generator demo
miniMO synth - Noise Generator demo
miniMO - sequencer and envelope test
miniMO synth - Test
miniMO plays: Bach, Chorale "Ach Gott, Wie Manches Herzeleid"
miniMO synth - Tiny Synth demo
miniMO synth - Sequencer - WIP
miniMO synth - DCO demo

Details in via the creator of miniMO:

"Just wanted to let

New DSP Synthesizers Polytron37 Divide Down Oscillator & Infinity37 Prototype Keyboard

via DSP Synthesizers

"Remember the old top octave divide-down organ oscillators?

They were fully polyphonic although with limited on/off envelopes.

The Polytron37 keyboard oscillator is a modern divide-down oscillator.

Besides being fully polyphonic on 37 keys it also features attack and release envelope, separate and polyphonic for each key.

It scans the 37-key keyboard, sends and receive

Roland GO:KEYS: Have Fun With Music - No Experience Necessary

Published on May 1, 2017 RolandChannel

"If you’re looking for a fun and inspiring way to start playing music, Roland’s GO:KEYS is the answer! With its innovative Loop Mix function, anyone can build fully produced songs right away, even with no previous music experience. There’s also a diverse range of pro sounds to explore, plus an easy-to-use recorder to capture and share your creations.

Moog Music Introduces the Moog Synthesizer IIIc Limited to 25 Units Worldwide

Moog Synthesizer IIIc (Or: Music For Riding Dragons)

Published on Apr 28, 2017 Moog Music Inc

"In the late 1960s, Bob Moog and a team of ten skilled technicians began hand-building cutting-edge musical instruments that they called "synthesizers" -- instruments that would radically change the landscape of music.

Fifty years later, we are proud to announce the return of the Moog Synthesizer IIIc

Custom or New Roland JDXA MK2?

No details, just this image. You be the judge. I'm not seeing that much of a difference myself. It looks more like a slightly custom JD-Xa with Jupiter-8 style side panels and some white instead of red on the left panel section. Not seeing much else different. Feel free to pic it apart w/ the original JD-XA below. If you notice anything else different feel free to comment.

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