Caitlin creates wavetables for the E352 using data recorded on the ISS

Published on Jan 14, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"The Code Club that Caitlin attends has entered the Astro Pi competition. As part of their research we have been looking at historic data collected on board the ISS. Here Caitlin explains how she extracted cyclic data from it and used it to create wavetables for the E352 Cloud Terrarium.

Once she had created the .wav file she imported into the

Listening to Plants at Sunset with MIDI Sprout

Published on Feb 9, 2017 MIDI Sprout

"Data Garden founder and artist, Joe Patitucci, visits Torrey Pines State Reserve in California where he addresses your questions about how light changes a plant's music. Tune in as he connects his MIDI Sprout to native grasses along cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Listen to the changes in the melodies as the sun sets and share your findings in the

Hiking with MIDI Sprout - Sick Plant vs. Healthy Plant

Published on Jan 23, 2017 MIDI Sprout

"Data Garden founder, Joe Patitucci, takes us on a hike through Than Sadet National Forest in Thailand and listens to native plants. Tune in as he connects his MIDI Sprout to two different plants - a healthy plant and a plant that's being eaten by pests. Take note the difference in the characteristics in the patterns produced by these two plants and post

Didgeridoo and synthesizer with EDM beat

Published on Jan 14, 2017 Dave Muijen

"First try out to combine the synthesizer and EDM software with didgeridoo :)"

Didgeridoo and synthesizer experiment part 2

Published on Jan 14, 2017

"trying to figure out if i can use a midikeyboard and a didgeridoo at the same time - to add synthesizer effects to my didge-playing."

Synthetic drones on the didgeridoo.

Island Hopping with MIDI Sprout

Published on Nov 26, 2016 MIDI Sprout

"Data Garden founder, Joe Patitucci, shares tips on keeping your MIDI Sprout in top shape along with an inside look at what he carries to allow him to make plant music in wherever he is in the world.

For more info on how to get the most out of your MIDI Sprout, visit our user forum at

Joe's Travel Kit
MIDI Sprout

::vtol:: Ra

::vtol:: Ra from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

"Ra is a sound object / synthesizer which uses laser for scanning the irregularities of the surface of the pyrite disc and further transforms this data to produce sound. Pyrite disc is a rare form of pyrite which is crystallised in radial shape (as unusual disc spherulites) which also was named ‘pyrite suns’ or ‘pyrite dollars’. The only deposit where

Comet 67P Ableton Live Instrument (#116)

Published on Jan 21, 2015 AfroDJMac USA

"Free Download @:

This is a special instrument made from a sample hundreds of millions of miles from Earth. European Space Agency has landed a spacecraft on the surface of the comet 67P, and recorded sounds as it move through space at 135,000 kilometers per hour. The sounds are about 40-50 millihertz and have been pitched up by

Rain as Random

Published on Jan 11, 2015 Pulp Logic

"Rain onto a pair of diy contact hydrophones as a random pulse generator."

Peter Blasser's superORGAN

superORGAN I: Rainforest Airport

Published on Dec 1, 2014 Peter B

These are in order. Be sure to see part 2 & 3 below for different takes. Peter Blasser is the man behind Ciat-Lonbarde.

"When a computer controls a pipe organ, it can trigger the notes really fast. If you get it fast enough, just barely attacking the pipes, it can elicit all sorts of squeals and pukes. In the computer music

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