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Native Instruments

How to make your own synth on reaktor 5

YouTube via maltcus

Very basic modular synth made in Reaktor

YouTube via nukebass.
"A very basic DIY tutorial to beginners (like me) showing how to build a basic modular synthesizer in FIVE MINUTES inside Reaktor 5.1. Actually, I made this video to test Camtasia Recorder, a cool software to make videos like this, capturing your desktop activity.

Reaktor itself, comes with a large variety of tools to make modular audio stuff... powerful software indeed! You can build virtually ANYTHING you would imagine regarding audio effects or instruments! Wish I would have plenty of patience and time to dive more deeper into it. Worth your every effort!"

FM8 Power Review Part 1/2

YouTube via thepluginguru. Part 2 not up at the time of this post.
"This Power Review MUST be seen in HQ Mode !! - John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl is going to introduce you to Native Instruments FM8 - an FM based synthesizer that has a lot of incredible abilities that you can learn about simply by watching this POWER REVIEW. This is Part 1 which covers an overview and power tips for optimizing the Browser to be more useful... Skippy has 12 free sounds for FM8 and 60 more sounds you can purchase at his web site:"

Shadow - Carbon111

Carbon111 has a new album out titled "Shadow." You can find more info including a few tracks and the synths used for each on Carbon111's blog. Really beautiful music.

Synths include the Clavia Nord Wave, Nord Modular, and Stage, the Roland Juno-60, SCI Six-Track, the Korg Oasys, DSI Prophet'08 and Native Instruments' Massive and Absynth 4.

An interesting side note is that is was mastered by George Mattson of
Note the credits.

Carbon11 also hosts, an excellent synth resource including some of the most extensive pages on the Serge modular as well as the Waldorf XT. Do check out the site for more.

Massive - Tutorial - Experimental Bassline

YouTube via wwwJoJoGocom
"Heres a Tutorial how to create a strange Bassline Sequenz, think for electro or progressive Productions."

Killing a Machinedrum-loop with Metaphysical Function

YouTube via salzmanufaktur
"Metaphysical Function was the most stunning app in Native Instruments legendary "Electronic Instruments2XT" bundle. This bundle also contains the ultra cool drum sampler named "Krypt" and "Limelight" as well.

Unfortunately this bundle is out of sale and discontinued. You can check out the specs here:

I don't know if these tools are working on OS X Leo or Vista. So I'm sticking with my good ol' G5 Powermac to keep them running on Tiger."

Native Instruments Maschine Demo Performance by NuVintage

YouTube via NativeInstruments
"Kenny and Noel of acclaimed producer duo NuVintage show some of the advanced real-time capabilities of Native Instruments' new groove production studio "Maschine" at NAMM 2009.

For more videos on Maschine, visit"

Shleed - Microtonal Steam Machine

YouTube via Shleeeed
Steampipe plugin from Reaktor 5
TR-606 samples
Doepfer a100
FL Studio to sequence the whole lot."

Native Instruments Spark plus Blackbox

Native Instruments Spark plus Blackbox from Create Digital Media on Vimeo.
"his is a mini screencast demonstrating the Native Instruments Spark synthesizer in Kore, with its parameters being modulated by the Blackbox recorder.

Downloadable ensemble, Kore performance and instructions are here:"

glitchDS and repeaterDS in Reaktor

YouTube via clone45a6
"A Reaktor patch that I built based on glitchDS and repeaterDS. The audio and video were recorded separately, but both were recorded from the same instrument. I'm also using the GRAIN_ShUFFlER and MicroGlitch (from the Reaktor user library) for effects."

repeaterDS and glitchDS in Reaktor (2)

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