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Maschine: Browser & Library Part 1
"This video explains how to find the sound you are looking for using the Maschine browser."

Maschine: Browser & Library Part 2
"A short explanation of the Maschine hardware controller."

Maschine: Live Recording Part 1
"This video shows how to record a beat using the Maschine 16 velocity-sensitive pads, quantize on the fly and using the undo function."

Maschine: Live Recording Part 2
"This tutorial shows how to add swing to the recorded notes and how to play melodies using instrument sounds from the Maschine library."

Maschine: Live Recording Part 3
"This episode explains how to erase parts of the recorded notes and how to use an external MIDI device to play instrument sounds of Maschine."

Maschine: Step Recording
"This tutorial shows how to program beats in step sequencer mode."

Maschine: Sampling Part
"This tutorial shows how to record external sources and how to edit audio directly into the Maschine application."

Maschine: Sampling Part 2
"This video explains how to resample internal audio using the sync function in Maschine."


YouTube via lastfastando.
"DVD with dmitry on vocoder. My friend Rehmat in NYC and I came up with this while talking about crazy NYC street vendors trying to sell DVD's and shouting out deals to to people"

via Mr. Array
"I'm the dancing fool behind the laptop, manning the vocoder and Traktor. My buddy Andy is on live synth, including an NES running a MIDINES cart! For live vocoding we use the Electro Harmonix Voice Box, which we got after seeing it on your site :-D

A lot of the interesting synth stuff is happening on the backing tracks. There's a lot of Andromeda on "DVD", for instance. "Wily Dragon" has a lot of MIDINES which is both being played live and on the backing track.

On the myspace page, the Forces cover has some Waldorf XT on it. Most of the tracks have at least some Yamaha Mo6 on them (which isn't all that exciting, haha). There's a new song which we hope to put up soon which uses nothing but the Waldorf XT, Andromeda, and MIDINES.

I haven't taken any of my synths out to live gigs yet, but I did just get a SID Station, which I hope to perform live with eventually. Mainly we're just trying to prevent having too much heavy gear to lug around. The pieces that do make it to live sets are the Motif Mo6 and the MIDINES, both of which are very light.

I posted a clip of the new SID Station here:

We also have more tunes up here:

We don't haven't put all of our tracks up on myspace yet though, as we're working with friends to get our vocals recorded and properly mixed (which is also why none of the songs on myspace have vocals as of yet)."

The Multi-Laser Gestural Interface

Click here to view the embedded video.

The MLGI is a multi-laser gestural controller built and designed by Meason Wiley at California Institute of the Arts.

The controller uses Dan Overholt’s CUI interface along with an array of photocells and laser modules to send out control data, which can be converted to OSC or MIDI using various programming platforms such as ChucK and Processing.

This video demonstrates the MLGI working with ChucK, which is sending OSC to a custom built live instrument created using Native Instruments Reaktor Software. The controller is still in it’s development stages, but will be featured at the NIME conference at Carnegie Melon in June.

More info here.

Controlling Traktor Pro with Maschine

YouTube via NativeInstruments
"This tutorial shows how to use Maschine as a powerful MIDI controller for Traktor Pro."

Syncing Traktor Pro and Maschine

"This video explains how to sync Traktor Pro with Maschine via MIDI."

Tribute to modular systems

Reaktor ensemble by Chet Singer
"I’ve always admired classically-styled modular instruments, particularly the ones sold by But my aversion to having to tear apart a cool-sounding patch to create the next one ensures that I’m unlikely to ever buy a true patchable analog modular.

So, here’s a modular synthesizer for Reaktor, based on modules available from It’s designed to fit in a 44-module walnut cabinet. A few of the modules are modified or enhanced to suit my whims. The modules included are:

1 MIDI Interface
1 Slew Limiter
1 Noise Source
6 Voltage-Controlled Oscillators
3 Voltage-Controlled Filters
2 8-Input Mixers
1 Sample/Hold
2 Control Voltage Processors
3 Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers
3 ADSR Envelope Generators
1 Fixed Filter Bank
1 Voltage-Controlled Pan/Xfade
1 Ring Modulator
1 Shaper
1 Voltage-Controlled Delay
1 Oscilloscope/Voltmeter
1 Stereo Output Mixer
1 Stereo Output Chorus

Module inputs are visualized as drop-down menus which display the available module outputs. Modules don’t consume CPU cycles unless actually used.

The operating voltages mimic modules. For example, oscillator outputs swing between +5 and -5 volts, and envelope generator peak voltages are +5 volts.

There are no LFOs. In the style of instruments, oscillators double as LFOs.

Playing modes include polyphonic, monophonic legato, and monophonic retrigger. Monophonic and polyphonic portamento are built into the pitch controller.

Four assignable MIDI busses are included.

Two extra mod matrix outputs are available (labeled Extra1 and Extra2) so that two additional modules can be added to the system without having to modify the mod matrix."

You can find it here. via Pighood in the comments of this post.

NI MASCHINE + Akai MPD32 + Ableton 7 Jam

YouTube via SuicideServer
"This is one of the first jams with my new setup. NI Maschine is running as a AU Plugin in Ableton Live 7. All Drums come from Maschine and the 303 Bassline is done with the awesome D16 Phoscyon. There is no external FX used beside an EQ on the Master. If you want to get a real taste of how sweet this setup sounds, download the original video file here:"

NI Maschine - complete presentation

YouTube via revolutionaudio. 7 videos

Maschine @ NAMM 2009

How to make your own synth on reaktor 5

YouTube via maltcus

Very basic modular synth made in Reaktor

YouTube via nukebass.
"A very basic DIY tutorial to beginners (like me) showing how to build a basic modular synthesizer in FIVE MINUTES inside Reaktor 5.1. Actually, I made this video to test Camtasia Recorder, a cool software to make videos like this, capturing your desktop activity.

Reaktor itself, comes with a large variety of tools to make modular audio stuff... powerful software indeed! You can build virtually ANYTHING you would imagine regarding audio effects or instruments! Wish I would have plenty of patience and time to dive more deeper into it. Worth your every effort!"

FM8 Power Review Part 1/2

YouTube via thepluginguru. Part 2 not up at the time of this post.
"This Power Review MUST be seen in HQ Mode !! - John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl is going to introduce you to Native Instruments FM8 - an FM based synthesizer that has a lot of incredible abilities that you can learn about simply by watching this POWER REVIEW. This is Part 1 which covers an overview and power tips for optimizing the Browser to be more useful... Skippy has 12 free sounds for FM8 and 60 more sounds you can purchase at his web site:"

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