Mutable Instruments

Mutable Instruments

Randy Piscione TSF 2017 Demo

Published on Nov 10, 2017 Randy Piscione

"This is my rack for the 2017 edition of the Toronto Sound Festival. It’s a Mutable Instruments Anushri, a bunch of modules from PM Foundations and some stuff from Ladik. The three PM Foundations modules with blue knobs are going to be included in the giveaways.

I start off with the Anushri, doing a bass line and some drums, all coming from the Anushri.

Centerfold (Borderlands + MI Clouds)

Published on Nov 9, 2017 SineRider

"Ambient music for iPad and Eurorack."

iTunes: Borderlands Granular - Chris Carlson

Spotted on discchord.

Modular - Verbos VMS and HO, with Clouds Jam

Published on Nov 7, 2017 Mike Thomas

"This video is about Modular - Verbos VMS and HO, with Clouds Jam"

Mutable Instruments Grids Tutorials by Learning Modular

Mutable Instruments Grids 1/2: Basic Operation

Published on Nov 7, 2017 Learning Modular

"The MI Grids produced three channels of drum (or other) triggers with manual and voltage control over the underlying rhythm pattern and how many hits per measure are produced per drum channel. This video gives an overview of its basic operation; the next video dives into its advanced settings options. This

352 Feedback

Published on Nov 4, 2017 Worwell

"E-352, Omnisphere through Warps, Plonk through Rainmaker, and all through Erbe-Verb feedback patch + Hexinverter drums."

Ancient Explorations | Ambient Music Synth Eurorack

Published on Nov 2, 2017 Chris Otchy

"This patch was created using the monome grid and kria app to sequence a series of oscillators.

One channel was routed through Shifty to spread the sequence across an Intellijel Dixie 2 and a Mutable tides in VCO mode. Another channel sequenced Rings at a 1/2 speed rate."

Depuratumba - Brisa (Octatrack + Shruthi-1 + iPad)

Published on Nov 1, 2017

gear used:
Korg NanoKontrol (via USB-MIDI Host)
iPad running DRC app

some compression / eq in Ableton Live

Depuratumba - Fugue (Octatrack + Shruthi-1 + iPad)

Published on Oct 30, 2017

gear used:
Korg NanoKontrol (via USB-MIDI Host)
iPad running Mood app

some compression / eq in Ableton Live


Spotted on discchord.

Quick demo of 2x PreenFM & 1x Ambika with 6 SMR4 voice cards. HQ Sound

Published on Oct 30, 2017 Todd Murray

"This is a nothing planned, adhoc session just to demonstrate the sound quality of these two DIY synth projects. Both synths are open source code, and open hardware. You can still obtain prebuilt PreenFMs or you can DIY and build the entire synth from scratch.

The Ambika is not longer made by Mutable Instruments. It too is Open source and open hardware,

"snowfall" // roland e-20, mutable instruments rings, elements, clouds,

Published on Oct 30, 2017 ann annie

"a thoughtful breath of air, under changing atmospheres. sound and color, while time moves still.
Patch notes below..


Bass //
- Rings processed by clouds, pitched by Voltage Block

Clicks and blips //
- Elements processed by Three Sisters, pitched and gated by Voltage Block.

Voltage Block Clocked by Dixie II

Roland E-20

Electronic Exploration 009 - Benjolin and Elements

Published on Oct 30, 2017 Fading Canvas

"Short jam with my modular synth. Benjolin feeding and controlling the Mutable Instruments Elements. Erbe Verb and Rainmaker doing the FX. Live recorded with Ableton Live using 2 tracks; left and right channel."

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