Mutable Instruments

Mutable Instruments

The Machines play Cars by Gary Numan

Published on Mar 8, 2018 HostileSlothRecords

The Machines play 'Cars' by Gary Numan
A cover version by LavLab

Key Gear Used:
Roland MV-8000
Ensoniq TS-10
Ensoniq DP-4
Novation Bass Station
Mutable Instruments Braids
Dave Smith Instruments DSM01 & 02
Doepfer A-100 series
Allen & Heath GL2000
GoPro Hero 4

Mutable Instruments Plaits - First Test

Published on Mar 7, 2018 Genshi Media Group

"Sorry about the handheld footage but, I had a strange little vibe going on with my new Mutable Instruments Plaits, so I grabbed my iPhone and started shooting video to capture the moment (audio is always recorded direct into Ableton Live though.)"

"Red Fader" — Eurorack Modular Jam

Published on Mar 6, 2018

"Here's another quick jam with the same patch as the last video. Re-patched a bit to lett Malekko Voltage block also be a macro fader for both BIA and MI for easy build-ups.

- Tiptop Circadian Rhythms

- Malekko Voltage Block
- SSF Ultra-Random Analog

- SSF Entity Bass Drum
- Mutable Instruments Rings
- Tiptop ONE
- Noise Engineering

Mutable Instruments Peaks Overview

Published on Mar 5, 2018 once upon a synth

"Quick tour of the Mutable Instruments Peaks eurorack module. I go over the basics of the front panel then do a rapid fire demo of all its 8 different functions. The peaks is an LFO, ADSR envelope generator, Tap tempo LFO, drum synth, mini sequencer, trigger delay and trigger randomizer. It's a swiss army knife module that is very versatile."

Modular Field Trip Ep. 06 - "Ocean's Breeze" // With Mutable Instruments Rings & Clouds,

Published on Mar 4, 2018 ann annie

"Another note within the cordillera, back to the oceans it seems.
- "ocean's breeze" - from the full album "cordillera" check it out on bandcamp! ... Patch notes below

// Bandcamp:
\\ Instagram: @annnannie

~~ Patch Notes:

Two Rings pitched by Voltage Block
Processed by clouds in Granular mode,
Tides modulating clouds reverb.


Mutable Instruments - Plaits - Musical Random

Published on Mar 4, 2018 DivKidVideo

"For this second video with the Mutable Instruments Plaits I'm making use of 'musical random' for tonal modulation while a steady 64 step / 4 bar sequence plays a musical loop that accompanies a drum pattern. I have two other videos expanding on this to come very soon for my Patreon supporters going into the wider patching set up for this but for those

Untitled #5: Ambient w/ Eurorack + Guitar Loop

Published on Mar 4, 2018 S. B. Arweiler

Guitar played into Boss RC-1 loop pedal → Doepfer A-119 → Morphagene

Monome Kria (on White Whale)

Doepfer A-119 Gate out

Three Sisters
Doepfer A-124 Wasp

Clouds (Pitch shifter/time-stretcher mode)
Disting Mk3 (Clocked delay)

((headphones. use them.))

Mutable Instruments - Plaits - Stereo Demo Jam

Published on Mar 3, 2018 DivKidVideo

"Here's my first video with Plaits from Mutable Instruments. For the most part I have the module patched in stereo with the main out panned hard left and the aux out panned main right. Now this ISN'T a stereo module but for the sake of demoing two sounds at once (headphones will help you here) and also showing that some of the modes do work really well in

Mutable Instruments Plaits talks!

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Erstlaub

"A short rundown of the latter half of the vowel and speech synthesis mode.

7 o clock to 11 o clock on the HARMONIC knob fades between formant filtering, SAM and LPC vowels (not featured in video), this focusses on the latter set of sounds where Banks of words are selected using the HARMONIC knob, MORPH selects words within the bank, TIMBRE alters the gender/

Random Rings Experiments: Rings+Soundbox

Published on Mar 3, 2018 Hannes Pasqualini

"Second video for my Random Rings series. This time I'm using a Leaf Audio Soundbox played with a violin bow, to create the excitation signal. More info about the Soundbox can be found here:"

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