Music Videos

Music Videos

Bach On The Eigenharp Alpha

Click here to view the embedded video.Jose Silva sent in this video, via the Submit A Store page, capturing an elegant Bach performance on the Eigenharp Alpha:Wonderful Instrument, just “lightly touching” it’s capabilities and expressiveness ( goes way beyond just playing one sound)I am without words to describe how much I am fortunate enough to live this present times and play the Eigenharp’s ( ALPHA and PICO) 

Oh Yeah! MIDI Over Wi-Fi Gets Interesting On iPad, iPhone

Click here to view the embedded video.MIDI over WiFi is getting interesting, as this video of Bassline on an iPhone and MoDrum on an iPad, running in sync, demonstrates.With the latest update for MoDrum (v1.1) and BassLine (v3.2), Finger lets you tempo-sync apps on a multitasking device or sync several iOS devices with each other or your DAW. Finger says that they are the ”first to fully exhaust the opportunities provided by Apple’s CoreMIDI API for iOS.”Here’s a demo with multi-tasked syncing:Click here to view the embedded video.I’d be interested in what iOS musicians think of this and what other iOS developers have in the works for improved MIDI support.You can check out MoDrum and BassLine on the App Store.

The Aurora – Amazing, Gorgeous Video

Click here to view the embedded video.The Aurora, by Terje Sorgjerd, is a gorgeous pairing of nature footage of the Aurora Borealis paired with Hans Zimmer’s Now We Are Free, from the Gladiator soundtrack.Sorgjerd says:I spent a week capturing one of the biggest aurora borealis shows in recent years.Shot in and around Kirkenes and Pas National Park bordering Russia, at 70 degree north and 30 degrees east. Temperatures around -25 Celsius. Good fun.Amazing.

Benny Benassi – House Music

Click here to view the embedded video.Benny Benassi’s paean to House Music

Kutiman’s My Favorite Color

Click here to view the embedded video.My Favorite Color is a new video remix by kutiman, who specializes in creating original tracks by remixing found video footage of musicians performing on YouTube.Original sources for the tracks listed below. via kutiman:this video is made of videos i found and really enjoyed watching .. there is no intention to offend anyone this is truly from the love to music..thank u all so much for sharing your can check all the links to the original videos down here and also at the end of the video..Stay tuned Organ Rim Rain stick Ride Brushes Drums Saxophone Piano 1 Piano 2 Piano 3 Frensh horn 1 French horn 2 French horn 3 Vocal Triangle Cello 1 Cello 2 Cello 3 Micro synth Korg MS-20 synth Native american flute Flute Guitar

Pepe Mogt’s Aguamala

Click here to view the embedded video.Pepe Mogt’s AguamalaInstruments Used: Oberheim Four Voice and Akai MPC4000via pepemogt:Music by Pepe Mogt Filmed with Nikon D90, AF Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8D

Natalie Beridze – In The White

Click here to view the embedded video.This is the music video for Natalie Beridze’s In The White, taken from the album Forgetfulness.

Switched On Satie – Gnossienne #3 On The Haken Continuum

Click here to view the embedded video.Sunday Synth Jam: Peter Pringle performs his arrangement of Erik Satie’s Gnossiene #3, for piano and Haken Continuum Fingerboard.Technical details below. via copperleaves:One of the great things about the Haken Continuum fingerboard is that you can play it with one hand and still take advantage of all its expressive capabilities while your other hand plays another instrument – in this case I am playing a Korg Triton Extreme keyboard with my left hand. This composition – GNOSSIENNE #3 – was written by the French impressionist composer, Erik Satie, and is one of a series of pieces written for piano in 1890. It is a popular piece among players of the “ondes martenot” but unlike the Continuum, the ondes must be played with two hands so the ondiste is unable to accompany himself.I used one of the Continuum’s built-in sounds for this performance because I felt it had a very pure and enchanting timbre that seemed to go well with the music.The word “Gnossienne” is a reference to the capital of ancient Crete (also Knossos) which was excavated by European archaeologists in the 1870′s. Satie was inspired by the extraordinary frescoes and artwork that was unearthed at that time.

Regeneration – An Ambient Electronica Track, Complete And Dissected

Click here to view the embedded video.This series of videos shows the creation of The Electric Holiday Orchestra’s Regeneration – an ambient electronica track.Above, the video for the complete piece. Below, the making of steps. Click here to view the embedded video.Piano 1 & 2Click here to view the embedded video.Mellotron Strings, Crumar Stratus, PianoClick here to view the embedded video.Mellotron Choir, Korg PS-3100, Bell TreeClick here to view the embedded video.PE-2000, Juno-6, Moog IIIc

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