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Music Videos

Virtual Rendez-Vous – A Long-Distance Synth Jam

Nicolas Kern & Dark Shrimp - Virtual Rendez-Vous: SkySounds - 01 - Introduction was uploaded by: noyauDuration: 259Rating:

Microscopic Opera Performed By Tiny Worms (Experimental Electronic Music)

Matthijs Munnik’s Microscopic Opera is an abstract opera, performed by the micro-organism C. elegans – a tiny worm of less than a mm in length, and the workhorse for genomics research. Here’s what Munnik has to say about the work: The completely worms are monitored by scientist from their first cell division to their death [...]

Realtime Music Visualization With TouchDesigner

Realtime visual system for the album Martes by Murcof. This project explores ‘the possibility of synesthesia in the format of audiovisual performance. The audio triggers the mechanism of lines that flows according to the frequency spectrum.’ Featured tracks: Mir, Memoria, Maiz & Mo. Made with TouchDesigner.

Joerg Schaaf – Flyday ’99

Joerg Schaaf - Flyday '99 was uploaded by: SCHAAFJOERGDuration: 215Rating:

Jean-Michel Jarre – Live In Monaco (The Whole Concert)

Jean-Michel Jarre - Live in Monaco (The whole concert) was uploaded by: KraftwerkificationDuration: 7761Rating:

Who Needs Instruments When You’ve Got A Balloon Synth?

Here’s a fun music video, by Coletivo 4’33“, that explores the sound design potential of a balloon: One day we had this idea of trying to turn the annoying noises of a child’s ballooon into music, by doing the right treatment. We captured many samples, making all sorts of noises, extracting the air, hitting, rubbing. And [...]

Björk – Crystalline

björk: crystalline was uploaded by: bjorkdotcomDuration: 246Rating:

Deadmau5′s Dueling OP-1′s Make The Cat Yawn

duelingOP was uploaded by: deadmau5Duration: 179Rating:

Would You Spend $5 To Promote Your Music? Like This?

Hairy man does outrageous dance was uploaded by: EmuhreeDuration: 281Rating:

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