Moon Modular

Moon Modular

Flutter Noodle

Published on Jan 4, 2018 John L Rice

"While experimenting with polyphonic patches I recorded this little tidbit and made a video out of it along with some still shots of the patch.

There are four identical voices each using the following modules:
Synth Tech MOTM-300 VCO (pulse wave out)
Synth Tech MOTM-800 EG (for VCA modulation)
Synth Tech MOTM-190 dual VCA (1/2)
Moon Modular 517 dual VCF (1

10th Anniversary of MOON MODULAR 2008 - 2018

Published on Dec 31, 2017 moonmodular

"Come to the winter NAMM show 2018. MOON Booth 10507"

Hordijk vs Meris Trilogy

Published on Dec 28, 2017 d4nnyp

"Hordijk Modulair + Moon 569 sequencer with Meris Polymoon, Ottobit and Mercury7 pedals.

All sounds are Hordijk Modular, no overdubs or tracking"

Sequencer Experiments

Published on Dec 18, 2017 John L Rice

"Several Moon Modular and Synthesis Technology modules used here, along with one or two by Happy Nerding, Krisp1, Club Of The Knobs and

Thanks for watching! :-0"

Quick Random Tests - Moon 517 VCF and Krisp1 OCTO LFO

Published on Dec 8, 2017 John L Rice

Moon Modular 517 Coupled Dual High&Low Pass VCF and Krisp1 OCTO Quadrature LFO

Additional items used at different times throughout:
Synth Tech MOTM: 300 VCOs, 310 VCOs, 800 EGs, 101 noise, 190 VCA, 650 MIDI-CV
Moon Modular: 511c EG, 526 mixers, 568 trigger sequencer
Modcan: 58B VCOs, 31B VCAs/mixer
Roland: A-88 keyboard, Integra-7 sound modules,

Moon Modular M500-3P Sequencing System SN 3550

via this auction

"563 V2 Trigger Sequencer
Eight step/four row Trigger Sequencer

with built-in clock-oscillator. The 32 switches (with associated LEDs) have three positions each: gate-on, gate-off and reset.

Switch-on time (adjustable width of the gate pulse) is independently variable for each of the four busses.

Two buttons to shift and reset the trigger position manually (all four rows)

Club Of The Knobs Modular synthesizer

Published on Sep 18, 2017 MrFirechild

"This track is using sounds from the Club Of The Knobs modular synthesizer. It is a custom configuration based on the System-55. Most modules are inspired from the legendary Moog modules from the mid/late 60s. Multitracking and additional Reverbs and Delays are used. Composed and produced by"

All sounds Club Of The Knobs w/ additional LFOs


Published on Jun 5, 2017 John L Rice

"Just messing around with my new portable setup on the weekend.

1 x 921-A VCO Driver
3 x 921-B VCO
2 x 911 ADSR
1 x 902 VCA

STG Soundlabs -

Grove Audio -
GMS-294A Low Pass VCF

Club of the Knobs -
C1631 Bode Modulator
C946 v1

Lunar-Experience @ Moogfest 2017

Published on Apr 27, 2017 moonmodular

From Berlin Superbooth to Moogfest Durham.
Meet the Moon Modular master Gert Jalass at the East Coast event.

Moon Modular At Superbooth 17

Published on Apr 26, 2017 Synthtopia

"At Superbooth 17, we talked with Gert Jalass of Moon Modular and got an update on his line of 5U modular synthesizers.

He gave us an introduction to his latest filter design, showed his new Moog-style Tolex cases and gave us a quick demo."

Treat Yourself :)