Caitlin explains clocks with the Mother-32 clock and the 4ms Rotating Clock Divider

Published on Dec 29, 2017 The Mad Music Machine

"We have added a 4ms Rotating Clock Divider to the Mad Music Machine.

Here Caitlin uses it to explain synthesizer clocks by using a clock signal from the Mother-32 to trigger our Mutant Drums"

Improv #5 for Mellotron, Arp 2600, VCS3, Moog Voyager and Japanese temple bell

Published on Dec 29, 2017 R. Reger

"Partially composed, partially improvised original music inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft short story 'The Music of Erich Zann.' Download of this music available here: https://rregerakaashenactuariesofasga..."

Williamsville Moog Minimoog Model D

via this auction

SN looks like 8756 but I can't quite make it out.

"A legendary name machine arrived! For this individual, the serial number will be 8000 units, the trimmer on the back of the main body will be the previous type of 11 holes. Wheel is jagged type, production side next to the serial is "WILLIAMSVILLE" with the notation."

Moog Synthesizer Prodigy Expander Prototype Serial No 001

via this auction

"This is the prototype of the Moog Prodigy, called the Moog Prodigy Xpander. This is the ONLY one I've ever seen.

This tabletop module was going to compete with the Oberheim SEM, but Moog Music in the late 70's decided to go with the keyboard version of the Prodigy, and many of them are still in service today.
It works perfectly, sounds incredibly fat, and it's oscillator

c1976 Moog Minimoog Model D SN 8097

via this auction

"A superb 1976 Minimoog for sale recently serviced and in excellent condition. It features the original oscillator board and sounds wonderful.

It's in excellent condition overall - there's some cracking to the plastic front panel around oscillator 1, but this doesn't cause any issues in use. The owner refinished the case in a classy dark wood stain some years ago - it presents

02-The Moog Rogue-Part 2-Oscillators

Published on Dec 28, 2017 AutomaticGainsay

"Here is a demonstration of the sound and functionality of the oscillators present on the Moog Rogue.

Support the creation of this video and all of the Automatic Gainsay videos that have helped you by becoming an Automatic Gainsay supporter on Patreon!"

All parts here.

004//The Seething Depths [Atonal Ambient] - Eurorack and Eventide Space

Published on Dec 28, 2017 Alastair Wilson

"A dark, atonal, semi-self-generating modular patch using a small Eurorack setup sent through an Eventide Space hall reverb, using Ableton Live as a tempo source. No other processing has been applied.

I stupidly forgot to document the patch over on Modular Grid before I unpatched it, but here's the setup I used:

Hermigervill Plays Theremin vol. II - White Christmas

Published on Dec 27, 2017 llivregimreH

"Merry Christmas everyone! This kind of started out as a joke, but decided to post it anyways! Used the Juno-6 and the modular system for the backing track."

MOOG Minitaur Eventide Space Shimmer Reverb

Published on Dec 26, 2017 Michael Barmaley

Note this one starts subtle and gets louder over time.

Treat Yourself :)