wanna buchla!!! Minimoog love story part 2!

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"Jamming with the minimoog over a ramdom buchla like sequence out of the"


YouTube via anarchy003. The classic Schaefer beer commercial.

Moog Rogue

Minimoog Voyager Old School. In a Wardrobe

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"Hafstrat is now hafmoog. Nothing sounds like a moog."

Fever Dreams

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"Ever had those? We start with the King Capitol Punishment Utopia Synth, then the Zvex Box of Metal, to the Moog MuRF, and on to the Analogue Systems rs290 Delay/Sampler module.

All of these pedals sound incredible on their own. The A.S. delay time is being modulated by the rs80 LFO module. No, you do not need the huge system. You can buy these modules separately and there are a variety of cases available including small ones. I don't wanna go back to sleep."

lp kp md live looping

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"Machinedrum MD UW MKII as master clock to a Korg Kaoss Pad KP3. Also starring a Moog Little Phatty Stage II and Nord Electro 2.

Basically I start with a simple MD beat. I then lay down a few loops from the Electro into the KP3. The mixing board (Mackie 802-VLZ3) has Alt3/4 going to the KP3 so when the switch is engaged there is no noticeable volume change but the KP3 can sample/effect whatever particular channels are Alt3/4.

I then sample (with a mistake due to forgetting to Alt3/4 the board!) the LP into the KP3. By 3 minutes in I get all the tracks in place :-)

Finish it off with a little KP3 and MD tweaking and we're done. The nice thing about this setup also (not shown here) is that by simply enabling Alt3/4 on the MD channel I can use the KP3 effects on it as well.

A very powerful little live looping setup that I've been having fun with lately."

EXS Minimoog

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"I just discovered the sampled minimoog in EXS24 in my logic express 8 - here I use the lead synth sound. It sounds so nice that now I have to get a real moog!"

The Sweeps Studio

flickr set

"Elkatwin, Logan String Melody 2, Crumar Performer, Moog Prodigy, Roland RS-09, Yamaha CS-01"

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Moog Etherwave pro Theremin

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Tim Stinchcombe - Diode Ladder Filters

"The success of the Moog transistor ladder filter quickly gave rise to a number of 'look-alikes', which employed diodes in the ladder in order to circumvent the Moog patent. Two of the better-known examples are the Roland TB-303 filter [pictured], and the EMS filter, as used in the VCS3 (and probably other models) - this is the 4-pole '18dB' one; later filters had 5 poles, and were labelled '24dB'"

via Tim Stinchcombe's website where you will find more info.

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