Minimoog & S8-VG sequencer

YouTube via nathanielscott
"Andrew Cortens, of the Frim Fram 4 (look them up on youtube), asked me to repair some broken keys on his Yamaha S80. As a favor he let me borrow his Minimoog; What a treat!

This video shows the Minimoog being played with my home made 8-step voltage & gate control sequencer. The voltage out of the sequencer is controlling the filter-in on the Minimoog. The filter is set to self oscillate so oscillators 1 and 2 can be played tonally separately from the melody being played by the sequencer. The sequencer does not have its own clock. The small yellow box to the right and behind the sequencer is a simple clok that controls the sequencer's tempo.

The video was out of focus so I added the colorful effects, because I didn't thik it would look any worse."


YouTube via higleyvideos. Audio demo comes in at 2:28. On Ebay here.
Note, I'm not higleyvideos and I'm not selling it. That's just the title of the video.

yr3wk43 moog rogue, mopho, piano

yr3wk43 moog rogue, mopho, piano from longcat on Vimeo.
via longcat on the forum.
"recorded on the last day i had that moog rogue, popped over to soundspecies henry the next day to get my moog opus 3 back, the end of the 1st exchange of the "north london moog exchange programme"...

the mopho being the spring '09 must have item for the longcat weekly improvisation, played through my ROLAND KR33 keyboard, the piano being my beautiful GEM RP-X piano module running through my ROLAND A-30 gigging keyboard...

synths effected by the arcdev industries Dubb box, a mac version thereof would make me so so happy...

all that sound passing beneath the watchful eye of Blood Sunset Studio...


Etherwave Plus Theremin Controls Minimoog Voyager Part 1.

YouTube via Rhythmicons
"This is a demonstration of the Etherwave Plus controlling the MiniMoog Voyager Analog Synthesizer. In the second part I demonstrate a spur of the moment Theremin Excercise in which the Gate CV activates a Sample and Hold, sent to the Freqbox for random note matching/harmonization.
Just in case any of you out there were wondering what it would sound like for a Voyager to be a slave to the Theremin, here it is a new Etherwave Plus demonstration. Not very melodic, this demo is just to give you an idea of the way the Theremin and the Voyager respond and react to this new area of control.

I had a Standard Theremin upgraded at the factory.

Thanks for watching!


Etherwave Plus Theremin Controls MiniMoog Voyager Part 2

Musikmesse: Moog - Frankfurt Musikmesse 2008 & 2009 - Adam Holzman

YouTube via MoogMusicInc
"Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Project) demonstrates the Minimoog Voyager - Select Series, Old School and Little Phatty in the Moog booth at the 2008 & 2009 Frankfurt Musikmesse"

Analog Compendium Series

YouTube via AutomaticGainsay.
You might remember AutomaticGainsay's videos from these prior posts.
"Now you can have Automatic Gainsay videos at home in full DVD quality in sound. If you want to get closer to these amazing synths, this is the way to do it!
Instructions for ordering Analog Compendium DVD volumes are stated in the clip.
Currently available:
Analog Compendium Volume 1: The Minimoog

Please e-mail questions to analogcompendium at gmail dot com!"

The Monk and the Moog

via Khoral
"Fun shot of a Prodigy from "Mr Monk goes to a rock concert", episode 8, season 5.
Not very good quality... if somebody has the dvd, there's surely a better screenshot to do...

I added this and the South Park posts to the Synths in TV and Film post.

Depeche Mode 1983

YouTube via sylouss. via I Have Synth
"Depeche mode joue au ping pong lol et live"
Moog Source, Roland Jupiter-8, PPG Wave 2 and "Fairlite" on Tora Tora Tora at :59m, followed by The Meaning of Love.

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