1983 RadioShack Catalog

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Go to page 54-55 to see the catalog entry for the MG-1 and the Casio VL-1 (well, Radio Shack's version of it)."

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Note Elton John in cowboy hat on the top right.

ethnicolor 1 (first part)-zoolook

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Beatrice Antolini - Circus City (Itinerario Stabile), Cesena (FC)

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"28/06/2008 - Beatrice Antolini - Circus City (Itinerario Stabile), Cesena (FC)"

Moog Prodigy
Nord Stage

Minimoog Voyager

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Anastasia loves the Moogs

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"She knows she's not supposed to do this."

Moog Memorymoog Plus

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Jarreblog: playing Hang in Budapest

YouTube via jeanmicheljarre. via the Jean Michel Jarre blog.
"Jean Michel met street musician Norbert Pavel in Budapest, and was so fascinated with his Hang percussion that he invited him on stage the day after, to replace the main sequence in Variation 1. The result is very poetic."

The Patrick Moraz Double Decker Minimoog

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