New SYNTH-WERK Modules & Systems Based on Classic Moog Designs

SUPERBOOTH promo video here.


"New Modules from SYNTH-WERK…

SW921, SW921A, SW921B… like the original, no compromise in design.

New Systems from SYNTH-WERK




Details on the systems below.


The spirit of Trumansburg M3 2VOICE includes two complete voices. One is based on

Vocalise Sintectica - John Keston - ISSTA 2017

Published on Apr 19, 2018 Daryl Feehely

"John Keston performing Vocalise Sintectica at the ISSTA 2017 concert in DkIT."

On what's going on in this performance via Audio Cookbook:

"Last September 2017 I performed at the Irish Sound in Science Technology and the Arts Conference ( in Dundalk, Ireland (video by Daryl Feehely). The performance makes use of a custom Max patch controlled by

Anthony Rother’s Studio is a Modular Utopia (EB.TV Tech Talk)

Published on Apr 23, 2018 Telekom Electronic Beats

Some studio synth spotting with Anthony Rother.

"Anthony Rother has created forward-thinking electro since the ‘90s, the creative force behind the PSI49 Net and Datapunk labels and producing alongside Sven Väth and DJ Hell, and here invites us into his incredible studio in the latest 'Tech Talk' on Telekom Electronic Beats TV. Described by the

Shooting for the Moon

Published on Apr 23, 2018 voltlife

"Trying out some ideas ahead of a live set with Doctor Voltage this weekend. Sound sources are a Moog Mother 32, Synthesis Technology E352, SSF Entity Percussion Synthesiser and a self-oscillating Xaoc Devices Belgrad."

The Train Club [Moog DFAM + Korg MS20]

Published on Apr 22, 2018 kernel gauss


"Spent a week on the same 8 step sequence to learn the Moog DFAM. Here is 20min of that sequence (+Korg MS20). Highlights in caps:

00:18 MS20 kick solo
00:35 DFAM hi hats
01:12 DFAM kick and bass, MS20 low end decreased
01:30 DFAM tom fills
01:50 MS20 toms
02:39 MS20 siren
03:10 glitch breakdown
03:20 car chase
03:50 highway shut down
04:21 FM

Vintage Moog Minimoog model D Keyboard Synthesizer SN 6633

via this auction

"Vintage Moog Minimoog model D Keyboard Synthesizer #6633, this moog is in perfect working order ,it was serviced recently by custom vintage keyboards in north hollywood, all the basic stuff got done power filter caps, capacitors,diodes,key contacts,trim,key bushings and a lot of labor , the CV mod was done years ago that's not a recent add, by serial #6633 that dates it back

Mica: modular synth self playing patch. Disting, Clouds, Octocontroller, Mother 32 etc

Published on Apr 22, 2018 Seen From Space

"The video's not strictly real time with the music, but shows the patch that's playing (itself). Reverse chords from Waldorf Blofeld played back by Disting Mk4 into Clouds. Mother 32 filter heavily modulated to give the space-dust crackle. Bass noise from Erica Pico modules. Pico Logic A + Octocontroller S&H provide unpredictability throughout."

Military Chopper | 3D Binaural | Moog Voyager | Modular | Roland System 100 & 700

Published on Apr 21, 2018

"Use good quality headphones for best effect. This is a 3D Binaural recording generated from a third order Ambisonic mix.

Basics of patch....

Chopper engine LF and rotor LF generated from Q106 oscillator into two Dotcom Q107 filters in series. 1st Q107 resonant LPF output into 2nd Q107 input. Notch output into Moog Voyager external

Learning to Love | Mother-32, Clouds, Streams

Published on Apr 21, 2018 Chris Bartels

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