It's Bob Moog's Birthday Today!

In case you didn't know, Bob Moog would have been 83 today. The following are two tweets from Moog Music and one from the Bob Moog Foundation.

Thank you Bob!

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"#HappyBirthday Bob Moog ❤️"

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"Happy Birthday, Bob! Your days on this earth inspire every step we take in this life.

Love, all of the employee-owners at Moog Music."

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Moog Music Subsequent 37 CV Synthesizer Demo

Published on May 23, 2017 Vintage King

"Meet the brand new Moog Music Subsequent 37 CV, a limited edition redesign of the Sub 37 Tribute Edition. The Subsequent 37 CV features some unique upgrades from its predecessor including a modified analog signal path, four assignable CV outputs and two assignable Gate outputs for interconnectivity with larger modular systems, a new keybed and a


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"'Silence is *NOT* Requested': 29-31 May w/ Synth Petting Zoo, @Analog_On & #Moog System 55: … #berkeley50 @matrixsynth"

The will be performances as well of course. Full details here.

"Time to move outside our comfort zone…
In a nod towards the artistic “happenings” and gatherings of the 1960s, the Library of Trinity College Dublin presents

Report # 2 - Inside a Minimoog : Service, Calibration and a Blind Test

Published on May 22, 2017 Synth Diy Guy

"I was asked to service a classic and couldn't resist. Take a tour inside a 1975 Model D, complete with "pepsi challenge" with a Yusynth DiY modular and the Arturia Mini V3 software.

Info I gathered on servicing minimoogs:

also, please be my patreon :)"

Moogfest 2017 .: Day 4

Published on May 22, 2017 Moogfest

Featuring our synth godess Suzanne Ciani!

You can find all parts here.

Drummer From Another Mother on top of Brother From Another Mother

Quite the title for a post. Try and keep your thoughts clean! ;)

DFAM, BFAM, thank you MAM!

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"We are family.

Brother from Another Mother. #moogfest2016
Drummer from Another Mother. #moogfest2017

Improving Intonation using the AJH Synth V-Scale (Part 1: Moog Mother-32)

Published on May 22, 2017 Learning Modular

"This is the first of two videos using the Eurorack-format AJH Synth V-Scale to fine-tune the intonation of an analog module (such as the oscillator built into the semi-modular Moog Mother-32) to track pitch over a 5 octave range. The procedure outlined in this video – using a reference oscillator for comparison, as well as a dual-trace ‘scope such as

THE CONJURER - eurorack modular synth & reverberated guitar drones - SWAN MESSIAH

Published on May 22, 2017 Swan Messiah

"Moog Sub Phatty - Moog Mother 32 - Make Noise Telharmonic, Modular Synth. Eurorack. Wogglebug & MMG - Sleepdrone 5 & Moogerfooger - Electro Faustus Black Fly & Moogerfooger Ring Mod, BBE Delay, Earthquaker Devices Pitch Bay. Monson Nomad Guitar. Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transporter

Nightly Ambient Session with Elektron, Moog, DSI, ESQ1, Virus by Phelios

Published on May 21, 2017 Martin Stürtzer

"A nightly synth Ambient session recorded to one stereo track without overdubs and editing. All sounds (in order of appearance):

Access Virus TI, U-HE Repro-1 (played via MIDI on Analog Keys), Ensoniq ESQ1, Dave Smith Instruments Pro2 (with Moogerfooger LP Filter), Elektron Analog Rytm, Elektron Analog Keys

(c) Martin Stürtzer 2017"

Treat Yourself :)