modular synthesizer

modular synthesizer

Arthur Joly’s Jolymod – The First Modular Synth Built In Brazil?

Arthur Joly sent word via the Synthtopia Facebook page of his Jolymod – a modular monster synth that he speculates may be the first modular synth built in Brazil. We’ve got no idea on the ‘first modular synth built in Brazil’ claim (if you’ve got opinions on this, weigh in below), but with 4 16-step [...]

Free Music Friday – DiNDDL10 Submission 01 Compilation Album Is Chock Full ‘o’ Synths

Free Music Friday: Synthesist Bakis Sirros sent word of DiNDDL10 Submission 01 – a 9-track synth-heavy net release: i participate with my collab (with Steve Law) project, ‘Memory Geist’ in this compilation. It’s track 9, and its full of Serge modular. Submission 01 features one track (or in some cases an edit) from each of the [...]

Backyard Modular Synth Jam

Modular out zone ( 2 x Doepfer Dark Energy + Moog CP-251 + Boss DD-7) was uploaded by: GruithuisenCityManDuration: 635Rating:

Moog Lap Steel + Modular Synthesis

Reader and Experimental Synth guru Chris Stack sent word of this unique synth jam, which combines modular synthesis & Moog Lap Steel Guitar: Moog Lap Steel pioneer Billy Cardine carves out a unique sonic landscape with the Lap Steel, analog and digital effects (Moogerfoogers, Eventide reverb) and cutting-edge modular synthesis gear (the MakeNoise René cartesian [...]

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