Mode Machines

Mode Machines

Mode Machines ADX1

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"This is very much like the MAM (Music And More) ADX1, It is infact EXACTLY like it, only newer manufacture date. It's very similar to the early pre-MKIII Vermona DRM1 synths also. It's a very unique sound =)"

Mode Machines SL-1

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"Original MODE MACHINES SL-1 "Synthlab" Analogue Synthesizer Desktop Module:

NOS - New old stock!

- very rare and collectable (only 200 were made!!!)
- mint conditon
- handmade in Germany
- full 100% analogue circuitry
- custom wood side panels made out of pine
- modified circuitry, with upgraded power supply and better signal path
- Moog filter
- original power supply 18V AC

Atmegatron Odytron with OMF-1 analog filter

Dziam Bass
Published on Aug 10, 2017

"Refreshed a bit of Atmegatron Odytron from Soulsby Synths today and added an OMF-1 Mode Machines analog filter. I think that this digital synth is going to turn into a strong sound. OMF-1 Based on the famous transistor ladder filter developed by Dr Bob Moog, add has a great character."

Analog Filter OMF-1 Mode Machines with Vst Arturia Minimoog V. Arturia Minilab mk2

Dziam Bass
Published on Aug 5, 2017

"Analog Filter OMF-1 Mode Machines is a great tool. Each source will make an analog monster. I added OMF-1 to Vst Arturia Minimoog V ,control of Arturia Minilab mk2 . and add little Earthquaker Devices-Space Spiral delay .The sound is amazing !!! love this gear"

Modor NF-1 with OMF-1Mode Machines and Leipzig-S Analogue Solutions

Published on Jul 12, 2017 Dziam Bass

"Guys .pads comes with Digital Modor NF-1 I added to it an analog filter OMF-1 Mode Machines which slightly filters and adds resonance to the pads .Around 1:20 I added Leipizg-S (Analogue Solutions) and the sequencer is a built-in sequencer in Leipzig. I've also added some Earthquaker Spiral-delay and a little Eventide Space ;-)"

Mode Machines ADX1 (ADX-1) Analog Drum Machine / Synthesizer

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"The Mode Machines ‘ADX-1’ is a fully Analog Drum Machine featuring a powerful 5 channel Analog Drum Expander with individual outputs, MIDI control and infinite amounts of sound tones thanks to its generous amount of knobs to control its parameters.

The 5 Channels provide different sound palettes:

METAL: is used to create cymbal sounds and consists of two different

Mode Machines Xoxbox Mk 3 Synth + Sequencer TB-303 Clone

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"Xoxbox mark 3 final edition

Comes boxed as new purchased 4 weeks ago with a lot of other equipment

x0xb0x = Synth + Sequencer

The x0xb0x is not just another MIDI-controlled TB-303 clone. x0xb0x is a full reproduction of the original Roland synthesizer, with fully functional sequencer. The sequencer can be programmed just like the original 303 (ok its actually a little

Modular Synth Jam by Boodaman - XoXboX

Published on Dec 10, 2016 Cavi Master

"A simple and computerless techno jam with Roland Tr-09, ModeMachine XoXboX (MKI), one voice of my modular synthesizer and one shot of vodka. The laptop is here just for record it..."

Mode Machines ADX-1 Drum Synthesizer 2016 Black

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- 5 Channels: Metal, HiHat, Snare, Synth, Bass
- 51 (!!!) Knobs, no menus or button combinations
- 8 Controls per Channel
- Channel sounds with trigger button or MIDI
- Panorama and Volume controls
- Individual Outputs per Channel, no separation from Stereo Out
- Stereo Output
- MIDI In/Thru
- Power Jack AC12V
- Pure Analogue Drum Sounds from Germany

From the original makers

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