Mode Machines

Mode Machines

Luss - Morning Session (Digitakt/Abyss/ADX-1/Monologue/MS20/Space Echo/Blue Sky

Published on Mar 13, 2018 LUSS

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Gear: Elektron Digitakt
Mode Machines ADX1
Dreadbox Abyss
Korg MS-20 Mini
Korg Monologue
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Boss RE20
Strymon Blue Sky
Soundcraft LX7II
Akai Midimix
Cymatic Audio Utrack24
Reason 10

Lyra-8 Pedal Test

Published on Mar 7, 2018 Mattias Mårtensson

"Lyra-8 through some assorted pedals."

Mode Machines F-106 Roland Juno-106 filter and Strymon. Not sure what that is on our far right.


Published on Feb 23, 2018 LUSS

Demo 1: 4 mini jams on the ADX-1
Demo 2: Going through all voices individually

Mode Machines OMF-1 (Oakley Moog Filter ) Bass & Lead demo (no talking)

Published on Feb 13, 2018 Dziam Bass

"Mode Machines OMF-1 (Oakley Moog Filter ) Bass & Lead demo.
this video shows how OMF-1 filters the plug-out on sound Bass and Lead.
OMF-1 is an analog filter inspired by the sound from the 60s developed by Dr.Moog
Mode Machines reverberated this sound and put it in its analog 1U rack."

Mode Machines OMF-1 Analog filter filters sound from Leploop

Published on Feb 2, 2018 Dziam Bass

"OMF Analog filter filters sound from Leploop, sorry when there are small distances in several places the signal was sometimes too high. OMF-1 is an Oakley Moog Filter modeled on the 1960's. It perfectly suits the typical Moog sound"

Mode Machines ADX1

via this auction

"This is very much like the MAM (Music And More) ADX1, It is infact EXACTLY like it, only newer manufacture date. It's very similar to the early pre-MKIII Vermona DRM1 synths also. It's a very unique sound =)"

Mode Machines SL-1

via this auction

"Original MODE MACHINES SL-1 "Synthlab" Analogue Synthesizer Desktop Module:

NOS - New old stock!

- very rare and collectable (only 200 were made!!!)
- mint conditon
- handmade in Germany
- full 100% analogue circuitry
- custom wood side panels made out of pine
- modified circuitry, with upgraded power supply and better signal path
- Moog filter
- original power supply 18V AC

Atmegatron Odytron with OMF-1 analog filter

Dziam Bass
Published on Aug 10, 2017

"Refreshed a bit of Atmegatron Odytron from Soulsby Synths today and added an OMF-1 Mode Machines analog filter. I think that this digital synth is going to turn into a strong sound. OMF-1 Based on the famous transistor ladder filter developed by Dr Bob Moog, add has a great character."

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