Modal Electronics

Modal Electronics

Modal 002 1

Published on Jan 2, 2018 Dimitrios Sismanis

"Modal 002 through Moog MF-104 and Walrus Audio Bellwether."

J.S. Bach's Fugue in G minor "Little" BWV 578 with synthesizers from Modal Electronics, DSI and Moog

Published on Dec 26, 2017 Sean Christopher - Music Composer

"The musical genius of J.S. Bach has had a huge influence over me ever since I started composing and any opportunity I get to show the works of Bach via today's synthesizer technology is always a pleasure.

Fugue in G minor, 'Little' BWV 578 was recreated by myself using 5 synthesizers- the Modal Electronics 002 & 008, Dave Smith

MODAL Electronics 002 12-Voice Synthesizer

via this auction

"From PPG, to strings and all else in between including evolving pads and an incredible on-board sequencer, network-enabled automatic OS and patch updates, and so so much more... perhaps the most pinnacle synth to behold and one of the most musical and inspiring keyboard experiences to sit down to and get lost in. This is as close to synth nirvana as it gets!"

Modal Electronics 008 - 8 discrete voice pure analogue synth

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"Modal 008 100% true analogue 8 voice discrete voices of polyphony with uncompromising analogue architecture with I’ve 40,000 components no other English synth with this pedigree made by musicians for musicians only 130 made to date comes fitted with the optional usb streaming fx card allowing 8 direct voices into your daw with one cable cost additional 600 fitted"

That's one

Modal 002R Demos by synth_nyc

Three sets of bank demos by synth_nyc

This one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Modal CRAFTrhythm - SynthFest UK 2017

Published on Oct 18, 2017 Sound On Sound magazine

"UK debut for the new Modal CRAFTrhythm 8-track drum sampler kit with a 16 step sequencer."

Modal Electronics 008 pure analogue synth including fx/usb stream card

via this auction

"Eight discrete voices of polyphony with uncompromising analogue architecture only had 2 months after waiting 4 months for it to be built unbelievably synthesiser totally out of my knowledge so not benefiting from why this Maschine is capable of doing check there website the specification is huge on what this is all about the sound and richness is like nothing else I have come

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