Kraftzwerg in a box

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"This is my recently acquired MFB Kraftzwerg (laptop) , i made this non destructive box mod in order that it fits into my studio config. Very nice synth, lots of fun experimenting with it."

Musikmesse: MFB DRUM-07 HH/CY

* analogue hihat and cymbal
* separate adjustable decay for open- and closed-hihat
* cymbal with tone control, decay and external input
* dynamic trigger-inputs
* MSRP: 129,- Euro

The DRUM-07 module is based upon the cymbal- and hihat-sound-circuit of our MFB-522 drum-computer, slightly modified and expanded. In comparison to the DRUM-03 module that also generates cymbal and hihat sounds, DRUM-07 does not use white noise as sound source but a metallic oscillator mixture.
DRUM-07 was developed as a modular component. Therefore, the parameters decay for cymbal and open-hihat and tone can also be controlled by CV-sources like envelopes, LFOs, step-sequencers. Manual adjustment is available for the parameter tune that affects both cymbal and hihat as well as for the closed-hihat’s decay.
Triggering open-hihat, closed-hihat and cymbal of the module is possible through various signal types. Besides sequencer generated analogue and digital trigger-signals, drum-pads, piezo- and dynamic microphones may also be used. Here, the sens-controls allow individual adjustment of the input sensitivity. Dynamic triggering will not only affect the sound’s volume but also attack and sound length slightly.The functions in detail:

Hihat: The hihat sound is created by several square-oscillators that are fed into a band-pass-filter. Two decay controls allow individual sound-length-adjustments for closed- and open-hihat. In addition, the decay parameter for the open-hihat can be controlled by CV-voltage.
Tune sets the frequency for all square-oscillators simultaneously. Because the cymbal sound accesses the same oscillators, tune also affects this sound.

Cymbal: The cymbal sound is based upon the same sound source as the Hihat, only that it uses two band-pass-filters that individually shape the attack- and decay-phase. However, the decay parameter controls the length of both attack and sound length. This parameter can also be controlled by an external CV-source. Tone sets the balance between the differently filtered signals paths. This parameter is also under CV-control but does not offer an internal attenuator.
A specialty of the cymbal sound is its tone-input. Here, you can connect an external sound source that replaces the DRUM-07’s internal square-oscillators for the decay phase. The internal oscillators are still in use for the sound’s attack-phase.

The module has a width of 60 mm (12 TE). It is equipped with a connector cable compatible to Doepfer’s system-bus.

MFB-products are sold through certified dealers. In case there is no such dealer in your area, you may order the module directly for a price of 129 Euro plus 10 Euro shipping/COD costs."



* analogue semimodul drumcompter
* kick (DRUM-04), snare (DRUM-05) and tom (DRUM-06)
* cymbal und hihat (DRUM-07)
* sequenzer (16 steps) with CV/GATE (Kraftzwerg)
* MIDI-Interface
* MSRP 680,- Euro

acidlab miami

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"similar pattern to the mfb 522 demo(hence no live programming here)! please check both out, simply for the sound"

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MFB 522

YouTube via nirvanabeach
"! TR 808 sounding analogue Drum Machine !"

MFB Synth Lite II


German product page. Doesn't look like English is available yet. Here's the page in Googlish:

"MFB-522 drum machine

9 analog instruments
Fach 16 Step Sequencer
25 controls for Attack, Decay, Tone, etc.
Bass with 2 programmable Tonlängen
Tom / Conga with 3 programmable pitches
72 rhythms and 8 memory Memory Song
unverb.VK. 280 euros

m522Bei the MFB-522 is an analog drum machine with real sounds and many options. In addition, there is a step sequencer (like TR-808) with 72 locations and 8 song memory. Fogende instruments are included:

Bass Drum with Decay, Tune, Tone and Level controls. She is also in two Tonlängen programmable. The bass drum also has a single output.
Snare Drum with Noise, Tone and Level controls. It also has a single output.
Rinshot with level control, use the same single source, such as the snare. Snare Rinshot and can not be played at the same time, but together in a rhythm can be used.
Hand Clap with Attack, Filter Decay and Level controls. The number of Claps is programmable. The Clap has a single output.
Tom / Conga with Tune, Decay and Level controls. With the switch can be made between TOM and conga elected. The Tom / Conga can with 3 different pitches can be programmed.
Cowbell with Tune, Decay and Level controls.
Clave with level control. The Cowbell Clave, and can not at the same time but played together in a rhythm can be programmed.
Cymbal with Tone, Decay and Level controls. .
Open and Closed hihat with Decay and Level controls. The hihat has a single output.
For the Cowbell, hihat cymbal and there is a common regulator tuner.

The step sequencer can store up to 72 rhythms and 72 Fill In's programmed. With the song memory is the end of the rhythms save.

In addition to these individual outputs, there is the stereo output. About the MIDI IN jack, the sounds on a keyboard or external sequencer dynamically also be played with MIDI CLOCK or synchronized.

The MFB-522 has the dimensions 175 x 125 x 38/72 mm. The scope of supply includes the power adapter.

The MFB products are sold through retailers. If in your environment no business can be found, you can use the MFB-522 also order directly from us. The price is 280, - Euro plus 10, - Euro-delivery shipping."

Five-G Japan

click here for more shots of Five-G in Tokyo, Japan.

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Five-G site in Googlish

Update for those traveling to Tokyo: it's right next to Harajuku station.

Regarding the gear: "Those were taken just about two weeks ago. And I didn't even get any pics of the Jupiter 4 and 6's, the multiple MemoryMoogs, Liberations, and more, that they've got their tiny space crammed with. It's a cool shop, they let me walk around and try a bunch of stuff out, take photos, and everything, without buying a dang thing. It is terribly expensive, and some gear is priced strangely ($1000 for a Yamaha CS-1X ???)."

Doepfer A - 152 Digital Outs 3 step Sequencer

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"Quick patch exploring the idea of Andreas. To use the Digital Out section of the 152 processed by a mixer as a sequencer!

Nothing fancy here like VC address, cos I only have 3 inputs on the Blacet Mixer / Processor, so if you have an 8 chan. mixer then you can extend this & modulate the VC Address to create more complex sequences. The 152 rocks!!!

M.F.B SEQ-01 is master of the SEQ-02 runnng 16 steps into the Clock in, the SEQ-02 Gate out is clocking the A-152. The SEQ-01 is doing a few other important jobs. Its triggering the VCS which modulates the 1st "note" in the sequence & its triggering a Blacet Binary Zone which is modulating the VC Waveshape of the Klangwerks modulator. An M.F.B Dual LFO is modulating the Rise time on the VCS & being CV'd by the CV out of the same SEQ-02 track that is clocking the 152.

Came out dark again... If I use overhead light its actually worse for shadows, need to strike a happy medium between quality & size."

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