Make Noise

Make Noise


Published on Nov 21, 2017 Ariel Raguet

"The incredible Make Noise Maths used to generate notes and gate into an another incredible thing: the =0-Coast.
The 0-Coast is setted very plain, there is no Multiply or Overtone or Line FM or random, just a Little decay in the Contour and a little reverb from a Zoom MS-70CDR."

Ambient Exploration 012 - Furthrrrr ambient drone

Published on Nov 21, 2017 Fading Canvas

"Furthrrrr Generator providing the sound, pitch done manually through quantized Rene. Carrier VCO frequency modulated by modulator VCO in clocked sample & hold mode. Maths clocked by Octocontroller and 4MS RCD doing slow envelopes to RYO 3xVCA. Sound going through Rainmaker and Erbe-Verb, slowly lifting it into space. A bunch of LFO's subtle touching

Buchla .Look mom, no bongos!

Published on Nov 19, 2017 therudyrude

"Buchla Performance with Q-bit Nebulae and Big Sky plus H9
MakeNoise Pressure Points going to the CVGT1 Synovatron"

Braids (take 2)

Published on Nov 19, 2017 Aidan Burns-Fulkerson

"We’re testing Braids for the first time. The rest of the team was initially unsure what to make of the new rack-mounted friends, but they’re quickly becoming friends.

Kastle lays down the drone while the PO-12 Rhythm handles the click-track syncing and the beats. SQ-1 listens to the clicks and commands the 0-Coast and Braids on time and in tune.

Riamiwo - Radialturbine / Livesession with RolandAira / 0-coast / Dreadbox (Riamiwo StudioVlog 67)

Published on Nov 17, 2017

"Here comes the last part of the Impulsreihe EP livesessions...
'Radialturbine' is the third track of the EP released on Somatic Records. The EP contains also awesome remixes by Di Rugerio, Tom Hutt and Beatamines.

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Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #61

Published on Nov 15, 2017 Rheyne

"Recorded on top of a coffee table. Bass is from a Moog DFAM, the kick is from a Noise Engineering LIP, the pad is from a Make Noise Morphagene through an Erica Synths Black Hole DSP, and the slow arpeggios are from both VCOs of a DPO. Reverb on the overall mix is from a Strymon BigSky."

Time Travel Simulation with Morphagene

Published on Nov 15, 2017 MAKEN0ISE

"With some meticulous and careful patching we can use the Morphagene to make the echoes from Echophon or Erbe-Verb come before the sound that creates them."

Riamiwo - Wellenoperator / Studio Livesession with Dreadbox MakeNoise Roland (Riamiwo StudioVlog 66)

Published on Nov 15, 2017 riamiwovideos

"Impulsreihe climbed to #81 at the beatport techno album charts:) Here's another livesession of the EP with the track Wellenoperator.
The EP contains also awesome remixes by Di Rugerio, Tom Hutt and Beatamines.

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Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #60

Published on Nov 12, 2017 Rheyne

"Percussion is from a Moog DFAM and Noise Engineering LIP. The pad and bass is from a Moog Mother-32 (x3). Some Fender Rhodes chords are coming from a Make Noise Morphagene."

48MINS OF LIVE AMBIENT DRONE - 4K with the Make Noise Shared System

Published on Nov 12, 2017 Luke Sanger

"Live eurorack ambient drone set.
Recorded live in one take, with no edits, overdubs or multitracks - direct from the Make Noise Shared System.
Video is recorded in 'real time' and documents a trip to the beach I take regularly with my son."

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