Make Noise

Make Noise

0-Coast and Korg SQ-1, Part 3: Dual Sequencing with MS-20 Mini

Published on Nov 29, 2017 MAKEN0ISE

"This short series of videos will explore using the 0-Coast with the versatile SQ-1 sequencer from Korg. The SQ-1 MIDI output connects directly to the 0-Coast’s MIDI input using a simple TRS cable, with no adapters or DIN cable needed.

In this video we use the dual-sequencing mode of SQ-1 to create a more complex sequence for the 0-Coast, then split the two

Perfect Patch - Live No DAW Jam #19

Published on Nov 28, 2017 Jay Hoskins

"Title: Perfect Patch
Genre: Electronic Downtempo
Artist: Rite Rain Causality - Jay Hoskins

Played live and recorded directly from the stereo mixer outputs.

This was a short piece I put together for a recent contest by Perfect Circuit. Entries were posted to Instagram so there was only a minute to work with. It was hard to do something in a minute and

Make Noise O-Coast - Krell-Ah De-Vil

Published on Nov 28, 2017 Jae Ryan

"I bought an O-Coast yesterday. I didn't have time to do anything musical with it but I did layer a Krell patch with a Drone and added some footage from NASA. This sucks, but the synthesizer is amazing. I can't wait to do some actual music on it. I haven't had a piece of gear inspire or excite me this much in a LONG time!"

Testing Eurorack TB 303 Acid Setup Style

Published on Nov 24, 2017 Sound Provider

"I m testing for a future 'Leonard de Leonard' Live and tracks a Roland Tb303 acid style Modular synth setup.
For this setup in my Doepfer case I use the Metropolis Sequencer from intellijel.

For the sound I use the M303 from acidlab through the crazy Strakal Brulu Fuzz and the Make noise Echophon Delay.

For modulation I use 2 Ornament and crime, One

M[UTTER TINGS] : Expanded #twomodulespatched #makenoisemusic

Published on Nov 26, 2017 mmurmoons

"further thoughts on the makenoise music #twomodulespatched concept. ive added some things...

makenoise shared system
and 0coast"

Make Noise Morphagene Reels (in Six Parts)

Published on Nov 27, 2017 Genshi Media Group


I thought I'd show an example of the Reels I use in my Make Noise Morphagene module. Each one of the Six reels in this video I Composed and Sound Designed in Ableton Live using a variety of Instruments, VSTs, and Field Recordings. Normally, I would then load these up into my two Radio Music modules

Sleep Forever (0-Coast single-synth track)

Published on Nov 26, 2017 wbajzek

"All sounds made on my MakeNoise 0-Coast. Looped, arranged, and edited in Ableton Live"

verbos harmonic oscillator | minimal modular music

Published on Nov 23, 2017 Elinch

"simple patch with verbos harmonic oscillator controlled by xaoc batumi into mutable instruments clouds
pads by make noise morphagene (orthogonal devices er-301 only for mixing both morphagenes together)

recorded live with tascam dr 100. no audio processing. for the best listening experience listen to the video with headphones or good speakers."

Planar (Telharmonic, Clouds, TB-03)

Published on Nov 22, 2017 Tape Ghost

"My first video with a new modular I just built. I wanted to build a system that was desktop synth sized and was designed around a specific sound design goal. I wanted something with additive synthesis and that was excellent for drones, textures, and ambiences. The result is a 4U, 42HP system with Mutable Instruments Ears and Clouds, Make Noise Telharmonic

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