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Make Noise

Flight of Harmony: The Sound of Shadows

flickr by Analogue Haven
"Here's a great shot of the new Flight of Harmony The Sound of Shadows delay module. The SoS is a dirty digital delay based on the Princeton chip commonly used in effects pedals. Flight of Harmony has also taken advantage of the built-in VCA abilities that the chip offers, and of course the module features a feedback loop and a good amount of voltage control. The Sound of Shadows will be available in December and the price will be $195. Photo credit: Soy Sos from Muff Wiggler. Also shown: Make Noise QMMG, Tiptop Audio Z3000, Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer barebones kit built into a DIY panel, Doepfer and MFB modules. LINK for more info and soundclips:"

A-100 Modular with Hertz Donut, Livewire AFG and Frequensteiner

YouTube via spindizzyman
"Learning to use the doepfer quad ADSR with a simple patch"

A-100 Modular System with Hertz Donut and Livewire AFG and Freq Steiner

"Just learning how to patch my new modular system on day two. Mostly learning how to patch in the Doepfer A-143-2 Quad ADSR"

Tip Top Sandwich

YouTube via thedeepelement
"I received the WMD Geiger counter earlier last week and wanted to see how nicely it played with the others. On the front end are two Tip Top Audio Z3000's feeding into a WMD Geiger Counter, Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer and a Harvestman Malgorithm. Those are then being run into a Make Noise QMMG which feeds the Tip Top Z2040 Filter and ends up in the Z5000 DSP unit. Its repetitive, I know but this was an exercise on tonal brutality - using the Tip Top audio as the bread and the 3 most amazingly destructive modules as the meat."

Empress Ekdahl

"The Ekdahl Moisturizer and the Empress Super Delay meet for the first time today! You'll see me trying to figure out the Ekdahl as I run it through the Empress Super Delay and figured some people may find a video useful somehow. On the Empress I'm using the tape setting then switch to loop about halfway through the video to see how the Ekdahl stacks on itself. There are a lack of videos of the Ekdahl anywhere let alone showcasing it as a performance instrument, which is primarily why I'm obsessed with it. Works out nicely!"

Livewire Vulcan with reset mod

YouTube via intellijel
"Demo of a mod done to the Livewire Vulcan to allow independent reset of the two LFOs.
To the right of the Vulcan you can see a 4HP panel with the two jacks mounted, behind this is a circuit board designed to interface to the Vulcan and process incoming triggers. Jack1 is normalled to Jack 2 so that one cable can trigger both resets.

Modules used:
MFB SEQ-01 (provides the triggers)
Livewire AFG (single oscillator that is being modulated)
QMMG (not doing anything until the later parts where I modulate its in LPG mode)
Doepfer VCA (just being used as an attenuator)

The SEQ-01 could be replaced by any source of rhythmic triggers including gates from your midi to cv converter.

The demo starts with no sync and simple modulation and then I start to patch more complex triggers and cross mod.

Sorry for the poor quality! I forgot to turn on the camera light.... future videos will be better :)

Also this mod is not for sale but I can provide instructions... it is not for beginners though. I plan to add switches for selecting mod sources and jacks to patch in external CV to the SUM/DIFF/MAX/MIN circuits"


YouTube via justin3am
"this is a demo for a Reaktor ens. I created for using a Korg Kaoss Pad KP3 to trigger midi notes. The X axis of the KP3 controls the note value and the Y axis controls the rate at which are notes are triggered. In this demonstration, Reaktor is sending the note data as midi to a plug-in called Silent Way ( way.html) which controls my modular synth via a MOTU audio interface. Modules by Make Noise, The Harvestman, f(H) and Doepfer. Software based glitchery provided by Uhe's MFM2."

Macbeth M5N Daemon

YouTube via simonsound1
"A little more from the Macbeth on Halloween. This time the Make Noise Wiard Wogglebug is triggering the envelopes and modulating the pitch of the oscillators."

Make Noise Maths Test on navs.modular.lab

audio here

"Maths packs a pair of voltage controllable slope generators, much like the Bananalogue/ Serge VCS or Plan B Model 10, plus two channels of 'attenu-version'. It's this 'package' that is probably the key to its success. It's a compact, complete system. Most patch 'problems' can be solved without resorting to other modules and, like the Wogglebug, it's fun and inspiring."

MakeNoise Maths synth module.

YouTube via opsysbug
"Thanks to Tony at Makenoise for the great Maths module. The center of my Eurorack world!
Here Maths does "math" on Tiptop Z3000 and Harvestman Polyvox filter."

Automatic Drone Machine (long version)

Automatic Drone Machine (long version) from dougcl on Vimeo.

29:42 minute version of this 9:58 video previously posted.
"Eurorack modular synthesizer generating a random selection of drones. The main sound is a Cwejman VCO-2RM sine ring modded with a Blacet Miniwave. The "percussion" part is the same audio further ring modded with a PlanB M15 sine wave, or a Cwejman VCO-6 ring modded with a Doepfer A-117 (selected by a Doepfer A-134-2 crossfader at random) then passing through the Makenoise QMMG low pass gate. The pitch control of all the VCOs is shared and selected via Doepfer A-148 sample and hold"

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