Make Noise

Make Noise

Bananalogue VCS as a fuzz device

YouTube via AlexPears
"Here is the first of what I hope to be many synth videos, in this one I show how to use the Bananalogue VCS as a self oscillating fuzz of sorts."

The Buchla Bongo - MAKEN0ISE

YouTube via MAKEN0ISE
"One of the defining sounds of 60's electronic music created with the Buchla instruments, the electronic bongo is easily re-created using modern euro-rack format synthesizer modules such as the Quad Multi-Mode Gate."

Buchla Tribute

YouTube via boobtube356
"Bells 1: Cwejman VCO-6 AM with MMF-1 to Makenoise QMMG.
Bells 2: Doepfer A-111's FM to VCA4-MX.
Background: Plan B M15 to Doepfer A-137 to QMMG.
Sequencing: Doepfer A-160/1, A-152, A-162, A-138s."

PLL Melody

YouTube via boobtube356
"Doepfer A-196 PLL attempts to track a simple sequence. PLL output goes to a Makenoise QMMG modulated by a Cwejman ADSR-VC2. Adjusments to the PLL demonstrate the basics of this module."

Dec 14, 2008 Modular patch

YouTube via dkimcg
"Jomox XBase888 clocks and barely sequences my modular. Not great, not bad, but envelopes o' plenty.

The audio quality kinda sucks, it's too hot. I just changed my monitoring/recording path in my studio and have to work out a few kinks in the levels. Not too much reverb in this one."

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