macro machines

macro machines

Macro Machines Omnimod Storage Strip with Intellijel Shapesh

Published on Jan 12, 2018 Outsider Sound Design

"Testing the Macro Machines Omnimod & Storage Strip with Intellijel Shapeshifter.
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Macro Machines Omnimod Eurorack Module

Published on Nov 14, 2015 Macro Machines

via Macro Machines

"limited edition preorder ships early 2016
Macro Machines presents an incredibly versatile new addition in the world of eurorack modules. The Omnimod will make a powerful new ally in your adventures through the universe of sound. Omni means all, and mod stands for modulation of control voltage.

Create unique new combinations of

Sputnik Dual Oscillator Malekko Dual Borg Roland Demora

Published on Oct 12, 2015 darksideothetune

"Controlled by Arturia Beatstep Pro. Sputnik Dual Oscillator outputs into STG .Mix, into Malekko Borg II filter. Delay controlled by 4MS QCD, Macro Machines Dynamic Destiny, and Make Noise Pressure Points."

Macro Machines Dynamic Destiny

via Macro Machines

"The Dynamic Destiny dual 4 to 1 bi directional switch is here, now you can store your patch routings with the storage strip or sequence it with the clock and reset inputs."

Herb Deutsch Meets Macro Machines at Knobcon 2014

via Macro Machines on Facebook

"Ben Davis showing off our new products to Herbert A. Deutsch. Also a shot of Nico Raftis studying the Buchla 200e twisted waveform generator at Knobcon. Incredible inspiring event."

Grayscale Algorhythm-Binary-Reticulating Rhythms Patch

Grayscale Algorhythm-Binary-Reticulating Rhythms Patch from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

"This patch was derived from the 'Endless Random patch' from the 'Algorhythm' manual. The main clock source was the Delptronics 'Trigger' man, taking output 1 and sending into the clock input on the first Algorhythm (left side). I then set the mode for each of the 'Algorhythm' modules to 'RAND', patching out

Ultra Metric

Ultra Metric from Joseph Fraioli on Vimeo.

"A patch exploring three new modules, the SSF Ultra Random Analog, Qu-Bit Electronix RT60 and Macro Machines Storage Strip.

SSF Ultra Random Analog (URA):
The URA is the main clock source by way of random pulse output. the pulse density is being modulated via the Synth Tech e350 in LFO mode for more sporadic gestures and events. The Pulse out is also

New Module in the Works from Macro Machines?

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"what could this be?"

omni cv
clk, seq, env
clk in
Touch plates

Macro Machines Storage Strip Arrives

via Richard Devine on Facebook

"Let the games begin Macro Machines storage strip is here!"

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