Synthmata - Free Online Patch Editor for Volca FM and DX-7

Published on Nov 12, 2017 Oscillator Sink

"I've built a free online Volca-FM and DX-7 patch editor that runs entirely within the browser (Chrome or Opera currently supported).


It gives you full control over all of the parameters and makes it tremendously easy to share and save your patches.

If you're a synth maker or a web developer who'd like to work with me

DSP Synthesizers: MIDIfying the Korg Monotron

via DSP Synthesizers

"This project adds USB-MIDI control to the Korg Monotron synthesizer.

A Trinket is installed inside with a micro-USB connector at the back.

A custom version of the uMIDI2CV is flashed on the Trinket.

The original function of the Monotron is unaffected when no USB is plugged in.

With USB plugged in the Monotron shows up as a MIDI device on the computer/phone/tablet

Acid Session featuring x0xb0x / Jomox / Korg

Published on Nov 12, 2017 alternatingbitmusic

"I've only owned the bass synth & XBase09 for two weeks but absolutely love them. Effect pedals used: Strymon DIG, Strymon Blue Sky, Boss RE20."

MFB Tanzbar, Korg Monologue & EHX Memory Boy

Published on Nov 12, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar drum machine & a Monologue synthesiser synced together.
Monologue MIDI Out to Tanzbar MIDI In. The Memory Boy has been placed on an aux send."

Korg Pa4X Keyboard Sets Strings QR

Published on Nov 12, 2017 Qui Robinez

"On the pa4x you can combine up till three sounds to create one sound. This is done with the Keyboards Sets feature. There you can create your own combinations of sounds and set things like the keyzone range for that specific combination.

In this keyboard set i use three of my own sounds to create a string ensemble which i use to play a song solo (with

Retro: Akai MPC Live + gear jam

Published on Nov 12, 2017 ranzee av

"Live jam with the Akai MPC Live using MIDI sequences of synthesizers (see gear list below). Multi-camera angles, one-take video, no edits - audio direct from mixer into camera...

Gear used: Akai MPC LIve, Roland D-550, SE-02, JU-06, System-8, System-1, MX-1, Korg Minilogue, Waldorf Streichfett, Strymon BigSky, EHX Smallstone, Fairlight CMI Samples - other

BURG - neon (Abstrakt instruments Avalon bassline)

Published on Nov 12, 2017 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff please support me on http://music.ollilab.com/ and https://www.patreon.com/theBURG

This track is also available for download on bandcamp: https://ollilaboratories.bandcamp.com...

So I got the Abstrakt instruments Avalon bassline the other day, really missing the 303 style sounds since i sold my TB-3 it is safe to say my

Rick and Morty opening theme cover soundtrack

Published on Nov 12, 2017 ninni spina

"Rick and Morty opening theme cover, live ."

Shade beneath wings of black

Published on Nov 11, 2017 MIDERA

Spectralis 2
Virus TI
Korg EMX
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Eventide Space

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