MiniBrute & MicroBrute Jams by vegeta897

Published on Nov 7, 2017 vegeta897

"A live jam video? Is it 2008 again?

Let's see...

Electribe? Check.
IDM t-shirt? Check.
Knob twiddling? Check.
Beard and glasses...? Wait a minute, who's this old guy?

I set up some gear on my bed and decided to record a couple doodles. My improvisational abilities are rusty but I had fun.

Arturia MiniBrute & MicroBrute
Arturia Beat Step Pro

Korg EPS 1

Published on Jan 14, 2018 SyntheticMachines

"We start the year 2018 with a slow & short demo of the Korg EPS-1 electronic piano/string machine. Multitrack + FX + Roland CR 8000 drum machine."

Tangerine dream-Dolphin dance 2018 (cover +) by graal7

Published on Jan 14, 2018 graal7

Tangerine dream-Dolphin dance 2018 (cover +) by graal7
korg minilogue
roland juno 6

BERLIN SCHOOL JAM *Behringer Model D "Korg Arp Odyssey *Moog Minitaur *GRP R24

Published on Jan 14, 2018 VolcaRock

"BERLIN SCHOOL JAM with my brand new BEHRINGER MODEL D and other analog synths sequenced by GRP R24. Enjoy my Recording. It’s live with lots of improvisation inspired by early Krautrock and Berlin School from past decades. Hope you can feel the 70ies vibe :-)

Used Synths: Korg ARP Odyssey (Lead & FX), Moog Minitaur (Bass), Behringer MODEL D (Pluck), Korg

Plasma Dischargers on a Korg Volca

via @shabiey

"Plasma dischargers firing nicely and keeping the VCOs in tune"

Steampunk brass knobs as well.

Y the Detune Printing

Published on Jan 13, 2018 Ludwig Kopp

"Analog synth jam with Akai Rhythm Wolf,
Dreadbox Erebus sequencer by Arturia Beatstep
& their new friend Korg Volca Bass

No computers allowed here.
No processing.
Only the internal delay of the Erebus.

Thanks for checking."

Improvisation with Polymoog

Published on Jan 13, 2018

"Here some improvisation with the Polymoog. I bought the Polymoog 203A in the beginning of 2016 in a not working condition. Since then I replaced and fixed lots of components. Big thanks to Jareth for the occasional support. But last year I was stuck with the repairs because I could not get the 2 reference oscillators properly working. Thanks to Eric van Baaren (aka

Depeche Mode - Stripped Remix

Published on Jan 13, 2018 YODKAMLUE MUSIC

"Depeche Mode - Stripped YODKAMLUE REMIX.
This is made with
Moog Sub phatty, Korg Monologue, Roland Jx-03
Electribe Sampler, Novation MiniNova and tons og delay and Reverb.
This is my tribute to the all time greatest band in the World.
Hope you like it"

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