Novation A-Station + Korg ES-1 + Korg MS-2000

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"Spoken parts sampled with Boss Dr Sample SP-202. Everything sequenced with ES-1."

microKORG XL ♪ Xmas プレゼントはこれで決定☆

YouTube via PXE02321. "microKORG XL 音色"

Paper Sculpture: In a Quiet Corner of Sussex Complete

You might remember this one from this prior post. gardenque wrote in to let me know that the piece is complete. You can find the flickr set here.

Korg MS20
Vacuum Cleaner :)

You can read more about the piece in the prior post.


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"My first post DS-10 movie.
Performed by S_Ishimaru.

KORG DS-10 on Amazon

KORG nanoPAD, DS-10 and Logic Pro 8 Effects

YouTube via cyberspacecowboys
"KORG nanoPad controls Logic Pro 8 Effects.
Pad control X position synchronize EQ on Logic as Hipass filter.
Pad control Y position synchronize Echo wet on Logic.
It is mimicry of KORG KaossPAD KP3:-)

Logic recorded sounds are played by DS-10 on Nintendo DSi.
2 mix sounds were changed by effects that controlled by nanoPAD.

This movie was Inspaiaed to their movies.
Logic 8 Environment by fabriziogg

Double Kaoss by Denkitribe



images at this auciton

KORG MicroKORG Review with Demos

on khoral's Cafe 80

"First thing to notice about the MK is the nice retro design… Ok, maybe second thing… the first being the awful mini keys. Why O why? Let’s deal with that right away and move on : the biggest issue with the MK might be the keyboard, and no, making it black don’t change anything."

I like that intro. :)

Life In Balance - A fun little Jam

YouTube via bansuri
"Life In Balance from Pittsburgh, PA. Performing music for meditations and healing. Using Quartz Crystal Bowls, Japanese Shakuhachi Flutes, EWI 4000s, Korg M3, Moog Voyager, Hartmann Neuron and Korg Radias.
We have been touring consistently since 1998 - from Anchorage to Key West, from the Delaware beaches to Denver and cities in between.
We are in heavy rotation on many radio shows and were featured in the Living Room Concert series on the National Public Radio program ECHOES. Our music has been aired on the syndicated radio show "Music From The Hearts of Space"
Life In Balance is a Pittsburgh-based nationally touring and recording duo committed to using sacred musical instruments merged with current technology to create an integrated sonic environment for transformation. We perform both Sound Healing Meditation (Inbreath) and Dance/Music Concerts using hypno-global rhythms (Outbreath).
We have personally grown and cultivated our audiences and venues through constant touring and meeting liked minded groups of people throughout the country. Our successes are measured in the connections that we make with the listeners as well as CD sales."

"For those in the Pittsburgh region, We're getting ready for our big Solstice party.
info below.

The Life In Balance - Winter Solstice 2008

Sunday, Dec. 21st: “OM FOR THE HOLIDAYS” Winter Solstice Show, @ Your Inner Vagabond, 4130 Butler Street. Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville) Doors open at 7 pm, show starts at 7:30 pm. $10 cover. BYOB. All ages. Call 412-683-1623 http://www.yourinnervagabond.com

The Second Annual Life In Balance “OM FOR THE HOLIDAYS” a Winter Solstice Celebration is on for Sunday, December 21st.

Join in for our annual Solstice Ritual as we all shine on, shining our light brightly into the longest night. Be a part of this ancient connection as we continue the time line that we call, “Om for the Holidays” at Your Inner Vagabond. Doors open at 7 pm, show starts at 7:30 pm. $10 cover. BYOB. All ages. Call 412-683-1623

The evening starts with a flowing ambient Life In Balance set followed by an audience participatory Solstice Space Ritual.

Life In Balance will be performing music of the spheres using quartz crystal singing bowls and electronic synthesizers giving a musical voice to the Dark and Light by developing a personal inner-rhythmic pulse that opens into an ecstatic dancing celebration. Joining LIB will be Jan Hamilton-Sota on violin.

Bring an open heart along with your open mind and let us share an experience that will continue to shine throughout the long Winter nights ahead.

Life In Balance

KORG DS-10 GATTOBUS DEMO, space4keys user s4k

YouTube via Space4Keys
"Little demo of this truly incredible piece of software for Nintendo DS.
It sounds amazing!
So at last I can play a synth also when I go to the toilet..."

Treat Yourself :)