ghetto modular mark II

YouTube via nevenen
"hey, don't laugh. this thing will eat you alive.

seriously though, cardboard is great for panel prototyping. often i'm not sure how things are gonna go, so i just wire it up with cardboard and see if it feels right, if changes are needed. so far it's just 2x VCO, Filter, signal mixer, but I have completed 2xVCA, 2xLFO, more filters... the question is, how modular should i make it? i like the ms20....

mfb step64 controlling pitch of both OSC's and the filter cutoff."

ghetto modular mark II test beta

"same as last vid, but i just put in the 2xLFO. no external control, just patched..."

Doepfer A100 GROOVE 6

YouTube via unyo303
"Doepfer A100 & KORG ELECTRIBE ER-1"


flickr by Tyler Love

full size

DSI Prophet '08
Moog Minimoog and Murf

RAB Meets Playboy

via Dave of umop.com and creator of our favorite synth rat, The Packrat: "Just working on a cartoon for playboy.com featuring characters from Retarded Animal Babies. This pic shows a scene with the Hamster character playing on a 90% autobiographical synth rig. There's a weird red & grey keyboard that's totally made-up, otherwise it's my Plastica rig. The Axis keytar isn't done yet, but Customsynth will be finishing it in the hopefully not-too-distant future. The white JD-800 ("Gandalf") that he made is in there, a boring ol' TR-61, and a Nord Lead Anniversary. The brand names have all been changed, since these companies may not want to be associated with completely filthy animations." :) Note Dave also plays in Paralax. You can find a few of his vids previously posted here.

DS-10 Dominator - Korg Is Massive (Korg DS-10 Drum 'n' Bass)

YouTube via DS10Dominator. via the DS10 blog. More vids via the thumbnails after this one finishes.
"Polyrhythmic Pocket Wobbles. From the 100% korg ds-10 album 'Cheap Dirt'. Download it for free at http://www.mp3death.us"

DIY Modular......House?

YouTube via neandrewthal
"I was trying to make more drones, but things got groovin' The polysix and x0x were an afterthought, so they aren't in sync with anything."

Latinsizer - Celofán from the album "110" (HD) / (nortec Collective, Fussible)

YouTube via pepemogt. HD version. Non HD version Previously posted here.
"Latinsizer : "Celoán"
Album : "110"
Label: "Staticdiscos"

Music by Pepe Mogt
atinsizer basically is a bunch of sincroniced drum machines and synths controlled by pepe mogt.
Started around 1999 and with one Album and 12 inch records(ritmo 55 CD and NOMADA EP 12 inch), a combination of the melodic work of early synth Pop classics and the grit of urban Tijuana.

110 is the second latinsizer Album( August 2008) an electronic disco pop digitalized with analog machines. first debut for Static Discos.

Pepe Mogt has released material with his diferent alias on Because Music(france), Nacional Records(US), Palm pictures label (Tijuana Sessions vol 1), Mil records, Sonic 360 and Nettwerk labels, and has also done remixes and colaborations for Ennio Morricone for a Compost Records, Experimental music pioner Pauline Oliveros, Beck, Toby Dammit, Jessie Evans, Lucrecia(Colombia), Lenny kravitz, Rigo Tovar, 1 Giant Leap, Alan Parsons, David J (Love and Rockets) and Mambotur among others.

Static Discos:
Static Discos is a Mexican independent label based in Tijuana. They are a small group of people bent on bringing forward Mexico's electronic music and their releases focus on minimal techno, dub, electro and IDM. (Murcof, Fax, Carre, Terrestre, Antiguo Automata Mexicano and others)"

Roland DR-DS5 Handsfree Microphone for Vocoder

YouTube via jetdaisuke
"Roland DR-DS5 Dynamic Microphone (optimized for vocoder)
I tried it with my microKORG XL vocoder."

I made my excuses and left

YouTube via alienorbiter
"Just a simple recreation of "I made my excuses and left" by the pet shop boys. It can be found in their Fundamentalism album. This version was made using only the Korg Radias."

Korg Radias Synthesizer Demo by Nemmo

"A demo made using one of the patterns of the Korg Radias synthesizer showcasing wavesequencing."

Sofia & Radias

"Here's my daughter Sofia playing the Korg Radias. She's six months old and has Down's syndrome (which means she has already had two surgeries, one digestive and one open heart surgery). This hasn't stopped her from enjoying the lights and the sounds."

magination's End

YouTube via WilyEPeyote
"Another P3 noodle, a different performance of Imagination's End."
"Sequentix P3 analogue sequencer Korg electribe Radias Access Virus smokyfrog Oberheim 2-Voice Roland V-Synth Nord Wave"

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