MATNA performing "Tokyo"

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"MATNA performing "Tokyo" live in Hamburg"
"Electronic Korg MS2000 ESX Electribe Novation Clavia Nord Electro Apple iBook MacBook VJ Beamer Kraftwerk live Ableton"


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"Brief description of the Trident: This synthesizer is a polyphonic, true analogue synth. Unlike the Korg Trident MKI, it has four banks of eight memories for the synth section (as opposed to 2x8), an additional VCO and envelope generator. Not to mention improved stability in tuning and other undesirable issues which the MKI suffered. This is in part due to the improved power and cooling systems (the MKII has a big heat sink fin on the back).

The Korg Trident got its name from the three part architechture. The synthesizer is the first part, Brass section the second and Strings the third. The programmable memories can only save synthesizer patches, the brass and string patches cannot be saved. The synth section has two VCOs, a VCF section and an envelope generator for both the VCF and VCA sections. The Trident has a nice Flanger effect that can be applied to any one of the sections. It can be configured to several diffent key assign modes so that the synth, brass and string sections can be played seperately or in unison. It also has a pitch bend and 'trill' joystick. With all parts combined you can get some really nice atmospheric, sweeping pad sounds. The strings are really nice - true analogue warmth, a 'bowing' and 'vibrato' effect can be added, and the brass section can be triggered in several different modes." Inside a KORG Trident.

imogen heap : vBlog#33

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"hello... I just wrote a HUGE long blog to go with this but it's too youtube just told me it's too darned long... so will put as much as I can in here but go and have a look at my iblog at imogenheap.com or myspace.com/imogenheap for the rest.."

I've always wanted someone to play music just for me

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"Listening to you as you play for me, brings a smile to my face. I'm finally free of all this angst i kept inside. It's you and me , as great as can be. For us , together as one. There I am, day dreaming again. As I walk these streets, everyone appears to be hand-in-hand with someone they care about. What about me? Why is it the only one that holds my hand is my shadow? I've always wanted someone to play music for me Maybe the music would be what would bring us together."


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Elektrolight Laser Synthesizer Elektro Korg Arte psycho Wahnsinn Music by Dr. Sigmund Leid

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"Elektrolight Laser Synthesizer Elektro Korg Arte psycho Wahnsinn Music by Dr. Sigmund Leid"
"a good old Korg MS 20 for the Ground,
a Gakken SX-150 for the solo and the
Microkorg - analog pads."

Cheatz - Jam [KORG DS-10 REMIX]

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"Korg DS-10 Remix of Newcleus-Jam On It"

Korg Trinity

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"Sound Generation : Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System
Sound : 24MB internal PCM ROM
Keyboard : 61-key
Memory Capacity : 256 Programs and 256 Combinations
Effects : 114 dynamic multi-effects, 8 insert and 2 master effects available simultaneously
Display : touch-screen Graphical User Interface
Sequencer : 16-track, 80000-note capacity
Card slot : optional 8MB PCM Flash ROM for sounds
Controllers : ribbon controller, joystick, assignable switches
Connectors : L(Mono)/R output, Phones, MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, Foot switch, Foot pedal"

Korg DS-10 Tune#2 Drum & Bass.

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"Tune made with the Korg ds-10 Synthesizer.
This time Drum and Bass."

6 diciembre

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Roland V-Synth XT, Access Virus, Radikal Technologies Spectralis, Korg EMX-1

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