YouTube via minsky57. via fisheck. Some studio synth spotting.

Korg Polysix

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Good shot of the particle board under the wood facade below. You can get solid wood sides at synthwood.com.

Modular fun at Roth Händle Motm and com for Victoria Moralez

YouTube via RothHandle
"A little film of me mumbling around my Modular setup to try to record a sort of ambient blippy thing for a track by the very talented swedish artist Victoria Moralez. She is currently working on an album and wanted me to add some spaceyness and ambience to a track...

If you are curious about the studio and the bands that have recorded please stroll by www.roth-handle.nu"

Hey Mr. Bassman

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Roland Juno-106
Alesis Andromeda A6
KORG Electribe ES1X


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"korg emx1 a vendre ! test des boutons et poussoirs ... boucle vite fait pour montrer qu'elle fonctionne ... facture garantie accessoires boite d'origine ... jamais sortie du studio ..."

Appendage Touch Ribbon Sequencer and Klee: Controlling Synced VCO

YouTube via ScottStites
"This patch uses the Appendage Sequencer to control two VCOs - one master and one slave. The Appendage Bend Voltage is also patched to the V/Oct input of the slave VCO. The Bend voltage is also patched into the Min/Max function of my mixer - bend voltages below 0V open a VCA that controls an LFO that is patched to the pitch control of the Sequencer, allowing the LFO to modulate the frequency of both VCOs.

The TFS voltage is used to open a VCA that controls the level of an LFO controlling filter cutoff - the farther apart two points of pressure are, the more the VCA is opened, allowing more modulation to the filter. The Appendage is in voltage mode, so that voltage is non-linear.

The Klee Sequencer is processing a one bit pattern, which is controlling a VCO and the resonant MS-20 clone filter, which provides a sequenced backing for the video."

the whole shebang.

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"i have serious, serious issues..."

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