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Pat McMaster Live on PHENOL

Published on Mar 15, 2018 KilpatrickAudio

"We are pleased to present Montreal-based musician Pat McMaster doing a live set on PHENOL, with help from DFAM, Linnstrument and a few others.

Recorded Monday, March 12, 2018 at Modular Mondays at Eastern Bloc in Montreal.

More about Pat here:"

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol

via this auction

"Kilpatrick Phenol is a great gateway synth into modular world. Excellent envelopes, filters, midi to CV, and clock adder/dividers leaves plenty of hours to explore and create entire compositions from. Audio inputs, heavy duty build, and bonus delay and sequencer make this a synth built to last.

Unit includes 20 Kilpatrick banana cables, factory PSU, US/international plugs,

Kilpatrick K4815 Pattern Generator

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"As its premier offering in the modular synthesizer world, the K4815 Pattern Generator by Kilpatrick Audio packs incredible power into a small 20HP Eurorack module that offers virtually unlimited creative potential for modular players. The K4815 can produce notes and varying control voltages for a wide range of musical applications. Its unique approach to music creation is sure

Kilpatrick Audio - NAMM 2018

Published on Feb 5, 2018 Sound On Sound magazine

"Kilpatrick introduce the Torque multi-band compressor and Redox reverb."

Kilpatrick / Shifted Phase Update from NAMM!

Published on Jan 28, 2018 Shifted Phase

"Here’s a quick view of my booth at NAMM 2018."

NAMM 2018: Kilpatrick Audio Redox and Torque

Published on Jan 26, 2018 sonicstate

You can find details on the Kilpatrick Audio Redox here, and Torque here, and additional posts here.

The Kilpatrick Audio REDOX - Stereo Reverb

"Next-generation stereo algorithmic reverb processor.

Reverb is the key to bringing out the best is so many sounds, and this is especially true with electronic music production where we often start off with excessively dry signals. REDOX is designed from the ground up to be a companion for electronic musicians and producers looking for a universal reverb solution for both studio and stage. With

The Kilpatrick Audio TORQUE - Multiband Compressor

"Powerful dynamics processor for production and performance.

As modern electronic musicians and producers, we are increasingly working outside the box, combining both computer-based DAWs with new and vintage gear to get the sounds we want. Although plugins offer flexibility in mixing and mastering, the hands-on feel and low-latency of dedicated hardware is impossible to beat. We are proud to

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