Keyboard Synthesizers

Keyboard Synthesizers

Keytarists For Christ

Heads up for the worship keyboardists out there – Wildwood Church Worship Pastor Matt Faulkner wants to get you out of the choir loft and out in front, shredding. He recently introduced a ‘Keytar Tuesdays’ section to his blog, Worship Keyboardist, and he’s already come up with a few goodies, like this video of Petra’s John [...]

Virtual Rendez-Vous – A Long-Distance Synth Jam

Nicolas Kern & Dark Shrimp - Virtual Rendez-Vous: SkySounds - 01 - Introduction was uploaded by: noyauDuration: 259Rating:

Radikal Accelerator Keyboard Demos

Radikal Accelerator Chord Sequencing was uploaded by: bigcitymusicDuration: 69Rating:

Roland Jupiter-80 Synthesizer Now Available

Roland has announced that their new Jupiter-80 synthesizer is now shipping. According to the company, the Roland Jupiter-80 “represents an unprecedented leap forward in the pursuit of the most authentically expressive electronic musical instrument, just as the legendary Jupiter-8 did when it was launched 30 years ago.” The Roland Jupiter-80 has a suggested retail price [...]

Synths + RC-50 LoopStation Jam

Reader Gil Assayas, lead singer of Israeli band missFlag, sent us this synth + looper synth jam, which he says is ‘ a song I came up with while jamming with a bunch of synths and a Roland RC-50 LoopStation pedal”. Synths used: Nord Stage 2, Roland Juno 60, Korg MS-20, Moog Slim Phatty, Vermona DRM1 [...]

Novation UltraNova Review & Unboxing Video

Novation UltraNova First Review, Sound Preview and Unboxing. was uploaded by: PBARAKADuration: 522Rating:

Virus TI Programming

Access continues with its series of tutorials on Virus TI programming with this pair of videos. Episode 3, above, takes a look at ‘how to get the most screaming evilness out of the Virus’ analog filter in secret weapon position one as in one pole.’ Episode 4, below, takes a look at Virus TI split [...]

The Korg VC-10 Analog Vocoder

KORG VC-10 Analog Vocoder 1978 | HQ DEMO was uploaded by: AnalogAudio1Duration: 245Rating:

Roland Jupiter-80 Synth Sounds

Roland has spent a lot of time hyping the ‘Super Natural’ acoustic emulations of its new Jupiter 80 synthesizer – which has left a lot of Synthtopia readers wondering how it does with traditional synth sounds. You can see our earlier posts for a full overview of the Roland Jupiter 80 – but check out [...]

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