Live Analog Synth Arp-Jam

Click here to view the embedded video.Sunday Synth JamTransArpitude, via doctorvague, is a live analog synth “arp jam”:An arpeggiated real time improv, no edits, with drums added later. Korg Monopoly, Juno 60, Moon Modular Trigger sequencer as master, slaved to Volta, Synthesizers.com, MOTM, Modcan, MegaOhm, Suit and Tie Guy, Encore Electronics, MOTU Volta and a ho-made switcher.

Roland Juno Gi Review

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Sonic State is back with another one of their great hands-on reviews, this time of the Roland Juno Gi Mobile Synthesizer.
Key Features Of The Roland Juno Gi:

  • Over 1,300 sounds optimized for live performance
  • Friendly operation with dedicated controls and large display
  • Lightweight, compact body with battery compatibility
  • 128-voice polyphony
  • Intuitive user interface, including dedicated Tone Category buttons and large display
  • Full-featured 8-track digital recorder onboard with Guitar/Mic/Line inputs
  • Plug in a guitar and play/record with built-in pro guitar effects derived from BOSS’ GT series
  • High-capacity SDHC card slot for data storage and direct play

What do you think of the Roland Juno GI? Do you think it lives up to the Juno name?

Vangelis’ Approach

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Sunday Synth Jam: This improvisation, by Michael Daniels, is titled Vangelis’ Approach, inspired not just by Vangelis‘ sound, but also by his approach to recording:
“approach” referring to Vangelis method of recording/composing/performing. First section is based on the track “horizon” , the second section is my own little comp. inspired by the first part.
I read somewhere that Vangelis would improvise and record different pieces of music at nemo , then “stitch” them together in the recording process, knowing exactly what he wanted to achieve as the end result. He really is the master at it.
Here I played live as much as possible, then added some extra little phrases after on a multitrack. A much more enjoyable way of making music than fiddling with a computer:)
Remember Vangelis did not have midi when he recorded some of his most beautiful pieces of music. I hope this inspires anyone thinking of starting music production
via mik300z

Free Drum Machine For Ableton Live

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Berlin-based electronic artists Skinnerbox have released sbx 2049, a free drum machine made with Max for Live. This device is available as a free download for all Max for Live owners.
sbx 2049 is a six-voice synthesis-based drum machine with an integrated pattern sequencer. Its powerful sound design capabilities are easy to use, and provide a huge variety of sounds.
Requires Live 8.1.3 or higher and Max For Live.

Control Vintage Synths With Your iPhone

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This video demonstrates how to control vintage analog synths, like the Roland Alpha Juno, using an iPhone.
Why would you want to do that?
One reason could be to make programming an entire generation of knob-free synths a lot easier.
Another reason could be to add new performance capabilities for synths that are knob-challenged.
via kosmotikshokk:
I’m controlling my Alpha Juno with the TouchOSC iPhone app, connected to puredata on my computer via the standard OSC protocol. This pd patch will work with the Juno 1 or 2, or the MKS-50 rack version. The same principle could be applied to any synthesizer with MIDI control.
Get the pure data patch here (requires “pd-extended” distribution): http://sites.google.com/site/kosmotikshokk/junOSC.pd
Get the touchOSC template here:

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