iPods & Portable Media Players

iPods & Portable Media Players

Sunrizer XS Synthesizer Now Available For The iPhone

Deep Street has released Sunrizer XS synthesizer – the baby brother of the widely respected Sunrizer synth for the iPad. Features: True SuperSaw sound emulation, first found in the legendary Roland JP-8000 synthesizer. SuperSaw is a layered waveform consisting of multiple saw waves which are detuned to create an extremely full and epic sound. It’s [...]

eyoControl 1.5 MIDI Controller For iPad (Update)

eyoControl 1.5 for the iPad was uploaded by: eyosidosoftDuration: 274Rating:

Table Drum For iPad Overview and Review

TABLE DRUM App Review - Makes ANY objects (or your voice) into drums! was uploaded by: VJFranzKDuration: 357Rating:

FL Studio Mobile Updated – Here’s What’s New

Image-Line has updated FL Studio Mobile, its virtual studio for iOS, to version 1.2. Here’s what’s New: Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer (and MIDI Mobilizer II) support CoreMIDI improvements “.instr” files can be opened from other apps (e.g. Safari, Mail) Deleting an instrument from the My Instruments folder removes it from the instrument list Demos added [...]

Free Sound Bank For Sunrizer Features Sounds By Pavlov That Will Make You Drool

One of the best synths for iOS just got better. Beep Street has released a free sound bank for Sunrizer synth, featuring sounds by Artemiy Pavlov . To install it: Open Sunrizer on your iPad; Open Safari on your iPad; Click this link (or browse to http://www.beepstreet.com/Sinevibes.srb); Select ‘Open in Sunrizer’ & click yes when you [...]

The Continuum Meets SampleWiz Via MIDI (Or How To Use A $5000 Controller To Play A $10 App)

Synthesist Richard Lainhart, who’s also Jordan Rudess‘s ‘technical guru’, demonstrates how a controller like the Haken Continuum can be used to control the upcoming version of SampleWiz. Using the Continuum allows for polyphonic control of Samplewiz along three axes (left to right, forward and back, and pressure). The video demonstrates the value of building on [...]

Sunrizer Synth Coming To iPhone, iPad As SunrizerXS

BeepStreet has announced that Sunrizer – one of the most respected software synths for the iPad – is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch. SunrizerXS has been submitted for review. Screen shot above. It looks like BeepStreet is not handling this as a Universal App. We’ll be interested to see how patch sharing works [...]

Does Mobile Music Making Matter?

Ashley Elsdon – the writer and musician behind the blog Palm Sounds - has posted some interesting thoughts on why he thinks mobile music is important. He mentions three main reasons why he thinks mobile music making matters. The first reason is immediacy and access: Inspiration doesn’t appear on a schedule, and doesn’t recognise when you have [...]

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