7 Reasons To Hate The iPad

You’ve heard the hype. You’ve seen the specs.
You’ve read why we think the iPad will be a big deal for music.
You’ve probably read the buzz about the iPad.
Tweetfeel, a company that trends what people are saying on Twitter, analyzed people’s complaints about the iPad and came up with this list:
7 Reasons To Hate The iPad

  1. It’s just a big iPhone!
  2. It’s got a silly name!
  3. Feminine hygiene jokes
  4. No Flash!
  5. No multi-tasking!
  6. No camera!
  7. AT&T SUX!

A lot of these complaints are obvious. What’s not so obvious is that Apple agonized over the design of the iPad and has solid reasons for their decisions.
No camera, so you can’t videoconference
If you put a videoconferencing camera on the hand-held iPad, it would capture jiggly-cam video that would make the person on the other end, watching you jiggle around, want to hurl.
Apple will probably address this with image stabilization in future models, but they’ve got higher priorities right now.
No Flash
Apple’s betting on HTML 5 and working to marginalize Flash.
This means that you’ll miss out on some lame Flash games and banner ads for a while and that Hulu won’t work until next year when they get program.
Yes – that’s dismissive about something a lot of people are passionate about – but lack of Flash hasn’t exactly hurt adoption of the iPhone.
No multi-tasking
The iPad is designed to be an Internet media toaster – something grandma can figure out, and Grandma doesn’t get multi-tasking. Also, Grandma doesn’t like having to recharge her Internet media toaster every 2 hours because background tasks sucked her juice dry.
Multitasking is something that Apple will add eventually – but not until they can do it without it being liability.
Other Reasons To Hate The iPad
Synthopia readers came up with better complaints about the iPad than the typical Twitter user.
The biggest complaints were:

  • lack of connectivity;
  • DRM/lock-in/lack of openness;
  • the iPhone app approval process; and
  • the fact that it’s not based on OS X.

These are all valid complaints – and will keep some people from considering the iPad.
2 months from now, though, you’re going to be able to buy a wicked-fast multitouch tablet computer for $500 that can run 140,000 applications – and there are going to be hundreds of new music apps.
Tell my why you think that won’t give computer-based music making a swift kick in the pants.

korg ds-10 track 35

YouTube via korgds10. I hope we see the KORG emulation on the iPad
"This is the 11th track of my upcoming 3rd album that will be called "Lychees". I wish it was made with some Roland or Moog synth but I am afraid it's just the Nintendo Korg DS-10. Anyways, more stuff at http://korgds-10.blogspot.com which happens to be the Home of the Korg DS-10. I hope you'll stop by."

Propellerhead Record - CycleOn Combi via TouchOSC

YouTube via PeffTV
"iPhone/iPod Touch [and eventually iPad] control of Propellerhead Record via the Hexler.net TouchOSC app. OSC to MIDI conversion handled by OSCulator. This is how i imagine an ideal control system will work with these patches."

Update: what TouchOSC running on the iPad might look like via ISO50.

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