IK Multimedia iRig Recorder For iOS

IK Multimedia has released iRig Recorder, a $4.99 audio recording app for iOS devices. Features: One touch recording with real-time monitoring. Non-destructive editing tools to cut, crop and loop your recordings. 8 effects processors automatically optimize your recordings: Optimize Volume: automatically adjusts for optimal volume. Optimize Tone: automatically adjusts for optimal equalization. Cleanup: automatically cleans up [...]

eyoControl iPad DAW Transport

Developer Eyosido has updated their iPad DAW controller eyoControl to version 1.2. Here’s what’s new: Transport, new controller: transport bar with big scrub wheel and large timecode display, to remotely control basic playing/recording abilities of your DAW/recording software. See details here. Surface v1.2: improved timecode display (all digits, better accuracy). better scrub wheel behavior (similar [...]

New OSC Controller For iOS – Wire GUI

Developer Chris Jeffs has released Wire GUI – a $4.99 controller application for iOS that sends Open Sound Control messages. Groups of user interface objects are available for use, including sliders, buttons and knobs. Custom arrangement and color settings can be specified, along with many other options. All editing takes place on the device. Jeffs [...]

Wireless Sync With Korg’s iElectribe & iMS-20

iELECTRIBE New 1.5 iMS20 WIRELESS SYNC! Part A: New Features was uploaded by: VJFranzKDuration: 291Rating:

mobileRhythm mR-606 Classic Drum Machine For iOS

Click here to view the embedded video.iPad Music Software: mobileRhythm has updated mR-606 – a “classic” drum machine for iOS - adding MIDI support.You can now mR-606 with other drum machines, sequencers, samplers, synths, arpeggiators, DAW’s etc.MIDI Features:

  • Line6 MIDI Mobilizer and Core MIDI compatible.
  • trigger from an external sequencer or DAW.
  • Responds to MIDI Note on and MIDI Program Change messages.
  • Sequencer outputs MIDI Note on messages to control an external sound source.
  • MIDI Clock Output for accurate syncing with other equipment.

mobileRhythm mR-606 version 1.2 is available now for $5.99 in the App Store

touchAble Ableton Live Controller X/Y Pad Preview

Click here to view the embedded video.This is a preview of the new X/Y Pad in touchAble 1.2, an upcoming release of the iPad Ableton Live control surface.touchAble is an iPad app designed to give Ableton Live users full control over their digital audio workstation, without the process of manual midi-mapping.TouchAble XY Pad is a new 6th module, included in touchAble 1.2 update among many new features and improvements. Others modules are Clips grid, Mixer, Devices, Keys, Pads, and a transport and clip dedicated sections.If you’re not familiar with touchAble, here’s an overview of using it with Ableton Live:Click here to view the embedded video.Requirements:

  • iPad with iOS 3.3 or later
  • Ableton Live 8.1.1 minimum
  • Mac OSX 10.5 and above or Windows XP, Vista, windows 7
  • touchAble server

Details are available at the touchAble site. Download in the App Store.

Oh Yeah! MIDI Over Wi-Fi Gets Interesting On iPad, iPhone

Click here to view the embedded video.MIDI over WiFi is getting interesting, as this video of Bassline on an iPhone and MoDrum on an iPad, running in sync, demonstrates.With the latest update for MoDrum (v1.1) and BassLine (v3.2), Finger lets you tempo-sync apps on a multitasking device or sync several iOS devices with each other or your DAW. Finger says that they are the ”first to fully exhaust the opportunities provided by Apple’s CoreMIDI API for iOS.”Here’s a demo with multi-tasked syncing:Click here to view the embedded video.I’d be interested in what iOS musicians think of this and what other iOS developers have in the works for improved MIDI support.You can check out MoDrum and BassLine on the App Store.

Mopho To Go Turns iPhone, iPad Into A Controller For Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

Mopho To Go (App Store link) is a third-party app that’s designed to turn an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless controller for a Mopho synthesizer connected to a Mac or PC, or connected directly to an iPad with USB Camera Connection Kit.Features:

  • Mopho To Go adds a knobtastic, retro control panel to the Mopho module. Rotate iPad to landscape orientation for controls, Rotate iPad to portrait orientation for a full two octave plus keyboard.
  • Mopho To Go provides an octave of full width keys and multi-touch controls for Mopho Oscillators (shape, freq, fine, glide,) Mixer (mix,sub1,sub2,noise) and filter and amplifier envelopes (delay,attack,sustain,release,) audio mod, resonance, levels, BPM, Modulation, Pan, Volume, Channel, Program and Bank Select.
  • Mopho To Go is CoreMIDI compatible. No additional server software or downloads necessary.
  • Mopho To Go is a universal app for all iOS Devices.

Mopho to Go is $.99.If you’ve used Mopho to Go, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it.

Free Wireless Control (OSC + MIDI) For iOS

Charles Roberts has released Control (App Store link) – a free app that lets you create your own interfaces for controlling musical, art and virtual reality applications.It is built on top of Apple’s WebKit rendering engine and lets users define interfaces via JSON files.Features:

  • Outputs both Wireless MIDI and Open Sound Control (OSC)
  • Reads Accelerometer, Gyro and Compass sensors (on applicable devices) with adjustable update rates
  • The ability to script behaviors for widgets using JavaScript
  • Auto-discovery of wireless networks via Bonjour
  • Interfaces can be pushed to the phone via OSC or downloaded from the web
  • Supports both portrait and landscape interface orientations
  • Interfaces work on both iPhones and iPads
  • Free

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