KQ Dixie 6-Op FM Synth for iOS Released

Published on Jan 10, 2018 Kira Q Tech

iTunes: KQ Dixie - Ryouta Kira

"KQ Dixie is a 6-Operator FM synthesizer that is modeled on the synthesizer which appeared on the 1980s.

FM synthesizers make sounds with Frequency Modulation.
FM brings rich and brilliant sounds which are impossible to create with analog one.
It makes very complex waves with simple modulations.
The same method is used for

TNR-E app on iPad Pro ! + why you should care! cZ5

Published on Jan 9, 2018 VJ FRANZ K

"Another review / discussion with a great app for iPad pro and phones!"

iTunes: TNR-e - US - Yamaha Corporation of America

GR16! iOS Groovebox App Review Part A - First Look Z18

Published on Jan 8, 2018 VJ FRANZ K

"New music app! Do you want this? Have a look, and a listen to the Groove Rider 16 software 'groovebox', which is similar to the Electribes you'll often see me play on this channel. ( Please like, and subscribe? )
[ Sorry, the audio is slightly overloaded. I'm using a new mixer and camera! ]"

iTunes: Groove Rider GR-16 - Dmitrij Pavlov

"Groove Rider GR-16

iMPC Pro 2 Update Adds 32-bit Support Back & More

iTunes: iMPC Pro 2 - Akai Professional

"What's New in Version 2.0.4
New fixes!
- 32-bit support is back! (iPad 2, 3, older minis)
- Tapping a blank part of your audio track and AudioPasting now pastes into the correct space and won't crash
- iMPCPro 2 now works inside of an InterApp Audio host. You also no longer have to start the iMPCPro 2 session first before connecting to it with your IAA

Dark House 2018 - Native Instruments Maschine MK3, Maschine JAM, Moog Mother 32

Published on Jan 7, 2018 Peter Chers

"Native Instruments Maschine MK3, Maschine JAM, Moog Mother 32, Dreadbox Erebus. Other gear: Focusrite Tape App, iPad Air, Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, JBL LSR305."

Cool visual on Tape by Focusrite - Novation.

Audio Damage Filterstation2 Released for iOS

iTunes: Filterstation2 - Audio Damage, Inc.

"Filterstation2 is the Audio Damage take on the classic serial/parallel/stereo dual filter topology, made famous (and some would say "indispensable") by the Sherman Filterbank and its many clones. With twelve filter algorithms, an envelope follower with stereo sidechain input, a full FSU section for extra signal hacking, and an easy-to-use interface,

Mellow Eurorack Modular vs. iPad Moog Model 15

Published on Jan 4, 2018 Sequenox

"Jamming with my Eurorack Modular and the iPad Moog Model 15..."

Electro Traveller - Deluge + Animoog

Published on Jan 4, 2018 Metunar

"Live performance with the Synthstrom Deluge and the Moog Animoog App on the iPad.
The Animoog is only holding a note and has modulation of the waveform thru the touchscreen.
With the Deluge i sequence and transpose live the Animoog sound.
Recorded at the Central Park of Songdo, Incheon, South Korea."

FM Player Updated to 1.0.3

Published on Jan 1, 2018 thesoundtestroom

iTunes: FM Player: Classic DX Synths - AudioKit Pro

"16 NEW PRESETS! Hand-recorded and crafted for you! <3 Thank you for all the 5-star reviews and nice comments. Your kindness has inspired us to work harder on this and future apps (like our upcoming free AUv3 synth)
+ Source Code Released: Use our free code to make your own app like this (

Sound Of Izrael - 2018 NYE live jam (ios)

Published on Jan 1, 2018 Sam Izrael

"a live jam down tempo chillout at 90 bpm

ipad air 2:
Korg Gadget

Ipad 3:

Nordlead 2x

akai mpk49

sorry for the video\music syncing problem..."

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