Midi Designer Pro Layout: Akai AX80 (latest firmware needed)

Published on Dec 19, 2017 MIDERA

"I have created a layout for the Akai AX80 using Midi Designer Pro 2 on the iPad. Linked here:

You NEED the latest firmware to make this work (Rev I2, L2, or K2). Please see this website to purchase from Bob Grieb (or his associates):"

SYNTHSCAPER Soundscaping Synth - Quick Play Demo for the iPad

Published on Dec 18, 2017 thesoundtestroom

iTunes: SynthScaper - iMusicAlbum

Silent Nite - SunVox Karplus-Strong MPE patch played with Linnstrument

Published on Dec 17, 2017 cube48

"Playing Silent Nite with my custom made 8 voice Karplus-Strong synthesis patch (called KaStro) in MPE project of virtual modular studio SunVox, utilizing Linnstrument's swingy arpeggiator.

Single voice of KaStro can be downloaded from SunVox forum:

For MPE project (channels 1-8) ask on SunVox forum.

Merry Christmas to

Buchla Music Easel Iprogram card &App testing

Published on Dec 17, 2017 Buchla info

"Buchla Music Easel iprogram,wifi controlled by Ipad App
testing before sale"

This is the dedicated iPad editor for the BEMI Music Easel and does not produce sound on its own. Curious if Arturia will eventually port their Buchla emulation to the iPad.

Groove Rider GR-16 for iOS : patterns & sounds preview

Published on Dec 16, 2017 jimpavloff

"Soon will be available on the iTunes App Store!!!
Groove Rider GR-16 : new synthesizer & step sequencer based groove box for iOS by JimAudio. Inspired by real professional drum machines and groove boxes. Sneak peak of the built in patterns and sounds."

Testing "Rozeta Cells" - driving a Moog Model 15 arp

Published on Dec 16, 2017 Bram Bos

"Rozeta Cells - Polyphonic Step Recorder, sending some random chords into Moog Model 15's arpeggiator.

The sequencer is in 'free move' mode. Coming soon to your Rozeta Sequencer Suite on iOS!"

James Edward Cosby Late 2017 / Early 2018 iVCS3 Preset Bank Excerpt

Published on Dec 15, 2017 James Edward

"Late 2017 or Early 2018 will see the release of my new iVCS3 Preset Patch Bank. This is a demo of about half of the Presets that will be in the Bank. The demo was recorded live and impromptu but hopefully there's not too many bad notes! Hope you all enjoy!"

iTunes: iVCS3 - apeSoft

Let's Play with FM Player and developer Matthew Fecher

Published on Dec 15, 2017 Tim Webb

"Just last week Matthew Fecher and the AudioKit team released FM Player, an entirely free (no Ads, no IAPs) app that lets you play with a bunch of classic Yamaha DX7 patches. Matthew happened to be in town, so I invited him to come join me for this Let's Play! As a bonus he brought along the DX7II he used to make the app with! If you've enjoyed this series

Live Ambient Fun Jam

Published on Dec 15, 2017 Alex Wray

"Source- Maschine, Arp Odyssei app, Minilogue and PO-12. Control- Maschine, Network Midi, Ableton link and Sync Kontrol app."

Akai Releases iMPC Pro 2 for iPad

iMPC Pro 2 New Features Review First Impression Published on Dec 14, 2017 iPadLoops

The above is a user review from iPadLoops. The press release from Akai is below.

"The idea was to do a review of the new features in iMPC Pro version 2 but it's also a first impression video as I did NOT have iMPC Pro version 1 before this. I used five instance of Enkl by Klevgrand to create a groove and

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