Mellow Eurorack Modular vs. iPad Moog Model 15

Published on Jan 4, 2018 Sequenox

"Jamming with my Eurorack Modular and the iPad Moog Model 15..."

Electro Traveller - Deluge + Animoog

Published on Jan 4, 2018 Metunar

"Live performance with the Synthstrom Deluge and the Moog Animoog App on the iPad.
The Animoog is only holding a note and has modulation of the waveform thru the touchscreen.
With the Deluge i sequence and transpose live the Animoog sound.
Recorded at the Central Park of Songdo, Incheon, South Korea."

FM Player Updated to 1.0.3

Published on Jan 1, 2018 thesoundtestroom

iTunes: FM Player: Classic DX Synths - AudioKit Pro

"16 NEW PRESETS! Hand-recorded and crafted for you! <3 Thank you for all the 5-star reviews and nice comments. Your kindness has inspired us to work harder on this and future apps (like our upcoming free AUv3 synth)
+ Source Code Released: Use our free code to make your own app like this (

Sound Of Izrael - 2018 NYE live jam (ios)

Published on Jan 1, 2018 Sam Izrael

"a live jam down tempo chillout at 90 bpm

ipad air 2:
Korg Gadget

Ipad 3:

Nordlead 2x

akai mpk49

sorry for the video\music syncing problem..."

deltAdata - Pine Wood (Acid jam, volca sample wood panel, AUFX:Push, sonicport vx)

Published on Dec 31, 2017 deltAdata

"Outdoors Acid jam, Volca Sample with wood panels, recorded with sonicport vx on ipad mini 1, audio compressed with AUFX:Push, filmed with ipad mini 1 (side) and Xperia z3c (head), the video editing was done with imovie and procamxl was used for video filter.

Happy new year to the Est and happy year ending to the west !

Korg Volca cover: Music For A Nurse (Oceansize)

Published on Dec 28, 2017 Marco-Antonio Mejía

"This is a cover of Oceansize's song 'Music For A Nurse'.

The Modstep iPad app sends the MIDI notes of the chords (Volca Keys) and bass line (Volca FM). The melody is played on the Volca Bass.

I use the Belkin headphone splitter to merge the output of the Keys and Bass and send the combined sound to the GFI System Specular Reverb V2.

Other gear:

Korg MS20 Mini & M3000 App by DreamsOfWires

Published on Dec 26, 2017 DreamsOfWires

"Single track of MS20 accompanied by the Musitronics M3000 'Mellotron' app for the iPad.
Reverb provided by Audio Damage's 'EOS 2' app.
Please don't ask further questions about what gear or apps I used.
Flight footage is somewhere over Canada and landing at Vancouver."

Elastic FX & Studiomux with Desktop and iPad

Published on Dec 21, 2017 Oliver Greschke

"This video showcases how to use Elastic FX & Studiomux.
Studiomux uses the lightning cable to transmit Audio and Midi between an iOS device and a computer, simply awesome! In the first part I am playing some synth sounds with Waldorf Largo VST, which is going into the Studiomux effect AU. In the second part I route Elastic Drums into Elastic FX, both

SynthScaper Version 1.3 Update Featuring New Designer Tool

SynthScaper - Soundscapes synthesizer. The Designer tool overview.

Published on Dec 21, 2017 Igor Vasiliev

"The Designer tool using the neural network generates new presets based on already existing by adding some random variations and checking the result so that the new preset remains similar to the selected pattern."

iTunes: SynthScaper - iMusicAlbum

"What's New in Version 1.3

In this

Abaddon's Bolero

Published on Dec 21, 2017 Alessandro Petrolati

"Abaddon's Bolero
a Tribute to Emerson, Lake & Palmer
mood ensemble

Eugenio Giordani (Hammond/Trumpet/Tuba/Solo Final Lead)
Alessandro Petrolati (Piccolo/Synth1/Triad Lead)
Pierfrancesco Ceregioli (Strings)
Elena Alessandra Petrolati (Tuba)
Andrea Petrolati (Bass)
Alessandro Guerri (Drum Set)

Transcription and arrangement by Eugenio Giordani

Treat Yourself :)