Patch Base for iPad Adds Editors for 4 Vintage Roland Synths

iTunes: Patch Base - Coffeeshopped LLC

Roland synths: JV-2080, JV-1080, XP-80, XP-60

"Patch Base 2.6 is available today, bringing editors for 4 Roland synths: JV-2080, JV-1080, XP-80, and XP-60. These synths were incredibly popular in the 90's, and have a lot of sounds that you'll recognize, just scrolling through the presets. According to Wikipedia, "The JV-1080 has been used on more

IPAD Session #2 - Sunrizer ( Synthesizer ) DM1 ( Drum Machine ) - Live Jam Session - Z.E.R.0

Published on May 22, 2017 Z.E.R.0

"Little Dance / House / Chill Live jam sessions. Great App with Sunrizer And DM1"

Sunrizer synth - BeepStreet
DM1 - The Drum Machine - Fingerlab

Mobile Jamming w/Microkorg and iPad Pro

Published on May 22, 2017 Todd Smith

": Buy my music on Bandcamp :


This video will show a few clips from my mobile jam session. I walked around a local park and made started some musical ideas today. My iPad Pro recorded the audio, I used the Microkorg and various iOS synths for audio.

I really enjoyed jamming out while in the

Redshrike Synthesizer for iOS V2 Update

Published on May 22, 2017 iceGear Instruments

iTunes: Redshrike Synthesizer - iceWorks, Inc.

**The price will be changed to $7.99 on June 5, 2017.**

Redshrike is a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer with a resonator.

## What's New in Version 2
- Universal App : Optimized for iPad and iPhone
- Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3) compatible
- Support for Audiobus State Saving
- Exporting and

13 presets for Sunrizer (iPad)

Published on May 21, 2017 Marcus Padrini

"While I was recording my last synth course, I used Sunrizer a lot for making many synth patches. Here are 13 basic patches I created for lead, bass, pads and arp examples. If you like it, download the bank for free:

Importing the bank: download the file to your computer and then send it for any e-mail account

Mobile Electro Jam At Graveyard Feat. PO-32 Tonic + iPhone

Published on May 20, 2017 Perplex On

"This is a very minimalistic outdoor jam just using the Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic and an iPhone running Poly app sequencing Animoog. Visually supported by a QuantumVJ glitch visualizer. Everything recorded live on spot with a Zoom H2. Filmed at an old historical graveyard."

2XB303 Upcoming Bass synth app on IOS

Published on May 19, 2017 BEATS N BOBS

"Inspired by the 303 and Deep Bass 9. An app that also has double oscillators each with a sequence and each with a different loop length, MIDI sync and more"

Unique for iPad - Review - Part #1 - Audio Examples

Published on May 18, 2017 Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV. Today we're going to be checking out a new iOS application from Sugar Bytes, Unique for iPad."

iTunes: Unique for iPad - Sugar Bytes GmbH

There's also an iPhone version: Unique for iPhone - Sugar Bytes GmbH

"Unique was made for fun and vibes: Analogue sound, intense modulation and a killer set of

Joué MPE tutorial with the Animoog app & Bitwig Studio

Published on May 17, 2017 play joue

"Let's push the boundaries of expressiveness thanks to MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression): See what can be done with the Joué in combination with Animoog and Bitwig Studio."

FM4 Presets pack by SoundOfIzrael (more than 100)

Published on May 16, 2017 Sam Izrael

"A Demo song made only with Fm4 app.
all sounds taken from SoundOfIzrael FM4 presets pack
Beside the kick and clap.
The pack contain more than 100 presets from warm to distorted sounds...
You can purchase it here..."

iTunes: FM4 - Primal Audio

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