Komplete Kontrol and NKS 2.0 featuring Eventide Blackhole reverb

Published on Apr 17, 2018 Molten Music Technology

"The new version of NKS and the Komplete Kontrol software now supports effects plug-ins that you can add to instruments. In this video I take you through how that works and also attempt to show off the amazing Eventide Blackhole reverb which fully supports NKS 2.0

My Komplete Kontrol full review:"

Komplete Kontrol S49 Mk2 full and in-depth

iOS Moog Model 15 Tutorial - Expressive Sounds & Animoog

Published on Apr 17, 2018 iPad Music Apps

"Learn Modular Synthesis with iOS apps at"

iTunes: Model 15 - Moog Music Inc.

New Audulus Tutorial Livestream

Started streaming 43 minutes ago audulus

This is currently live at the time this post went up. You can use the controls in the bottom of the player to get back to the beginning if you'd like.

Buchla iprogram card #JHS 1

Published on Apr 13, 2018 musicstory80

Buchla iprogram card & ipad
connect with Wifi.
키보디스트 지현수

OutdoorJam 01

Published on Apr 9, 2018 Nicolas Díaz

"Original track © Nicolás Díaz. 303Bassline on Twitter.

You can download this tune for FREE at:

iPad Pro 10,5" running:

+ Moog Model 15 app, played with left hand. (On Novation Launchkey25)
+ Moog Animoog, played with right hand.
+ Moog Model D app, sequenced by Fugue Machine app.
+ apeSoft iDensity, autonomous

MOOG Model D app │ FILTER OSCillator Tutorial - haQ attaQ 280

Published on Apr 10, 2018

iTunes: Minimoog Model D - Moog Music Inc.

"Making sounds without Oscillators? Yup, Moog Model D is a pretty powerful synthesizer, the filter in particular. In this video we're synthesizing sounds by exploiting the filter and it's ability to self-resonate. Check it out!

Moog Model D is a synthesizer app that emulates the Minmoog. It's available for both iPad and

Kosmonaut Delay AppJam

Published on Apr 5, 2018 redskylullaby

iTunes: Kosmonaut - Bram Bos

"AppJam using Kosmonaut Space Explorer Delay App by Bram Bos
Also featuring:
DM1 Drum Machine by Fingerlab
Swar Plug by Swar Systems
Auria Pro by Wave Machine Labs"

Eurorack Modular Trance Live Performance

Published on Apr 5, 2018 chisel316

"My first try at a full Trance song using the Eurorack modules plus the Korg Volca Sample for drums. The drums are actually triggered from the Eurorack using Ddrum ddti CV trigger to MIDI box that is just off the camera on the left (you can see all 10 patch cables wrapped together).

Patch design:

Pamela's New Workout is the master clock and is triggering

iVCS3 Preset Banks 2018

Published on Apr 4, 2018 James Edward Cosby

iTunes: iVCS3 - apeSoft

Massive preset list below.

"April 2018 Sees the release of my two new Preset Banks for iVCS3. Each bank contains 128 Presets and over 20 JEC CV Modulation Files.

************ IMPORTANT BANK SETTINGS ************

The iVCS3 global parameter... "Samplers Enable Loop Points Fade"
MUST be set to "OFF" To allow correct processing

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