Artists & ARTURIA #41 Alexandre Desplat using MatrixBrute on the Valerian Soundtrack

Published on Jul 26, 2017 Arturia

"Fresh from the scoring sessions for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Arturia caught up with legendary composer Alexandre Desplat to go behind the scenes on his creative process. Covering his love of mixing orchestral and electronic music, his musical ambition, and his new found love affair with MatrixBrute, this is video interview not to be missed."

Brighton Modular Meet: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

Published on Jul 24, 2017

"We sat down with Rob to discuss the creative process and what lead him to using a modular.

Check our Awesome MAX4Live Synth:"


Published on Jul 21, 2017 synth4ever

"An in-depth synth studio and office tour of Dave Smith Instruments (DSI) in San Francisco, California -- including the DSI synthesizer showroom, Dave Smith's office and personal synth collection, and walk-through of the Dave Smith Instruments office.

Join me on this fantastic journey into Dave Smith Instruments' headquarters, alongside DSI's own Carson Day

Sub Focus - In The Studio

Published on Jul 20, 2017 FACTmagazine

"See the rave master at work.

Nick Douwma, better known as Sub Focus, has been creating drum ‘n’ bass tracks since the early ‘00s and is synonymous with the genre.

In 2005, he scored a number one single in the UK dance chart with 'X-Ray' and since then has been producing across multiple genres, while also building up his hardware collection, which

JunkieXL: Hardware vs Software Sampling - Studio Time: S2E16

Published on Jul 21, 2017 junkiexlofficial

Funny bits at 18:54. Some great sound bits for you to sample.

Also see: JunkieXL : Hardware Samplers - Studio Time: S2E10.
And all JunkieXL synth posts here.

An Interview with Barry Schrader Questions 6F: The Barnum Museum & 7 Current State of Synths

The final two questions in my interview with Barry Schrader are now live. Barry discusses what may be his magnum opus, The Barnum Museum, followed by his take on the current state of synthesizers. There are some tie ins to his previous work on Atlantis as well as Louis and Bebe Barron.

"If someone were to ask me what I considered to be my best work, there’s no question in my mind that I would


Published on Jul 18, 2017 junkiexlofficial

I used to be a purist when it came to synth demos as I wanted to hear the synth, not the effects, but over time I've come to see effects as the equivalent to filters. Yes, they color the sound, but the sound source itself is still the synth. It's also worth noting that effects allow you to take any sound source (however "lowly" the synth) and do

Performing Electronic Music | My Live Setup

Published on Jul 16, 2017 Hainbach

"I get a lot of questions about my live rig, so here are some answers.
Music from this video:
Google Play:

New album:

Metasonix D1000
Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrax
Cocoquantus MK2
Minifooger Delay
Ibanez Rock and Play
Voltage Memory

Bob Moog Lecture (Cape Town 2003) | Red Bull Music Academy

Published on Jul 14, 2017 Red Bull Music Academy

Note this originally went up in 2009, but has just been uploaded on YouTube. I thought it worth another post for anyone that might have missed it, or anyone that would like to see it again. It's always great to see Bob Moog. :)

"Bob Moog changed the face of popular music by producing the first ever commercially available synthesizers. The

KORG microKast #13 Gary Goes Bananas

"Episode 13 is here! Session At The Salon recorded live at Adam's barber's featuring an original Mono/Poly from 1981, ray guns, the Name Game featuring Gary, banana scare stories, an interview from Dublin with Caroline from myvolts, Rachel K Collier on a KingKORG & much much more!!!"

Treat Yourself :)