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"On Hardware and Software
There are few reasons for hardware outside of controllers anymore. All new advances in synthesis and sound processing will occur in software. That said, I haven't found anything in software that can replicate the experience of working with a hardware modular. I enjoy working with my hands and I find using a modular is, well... fun."

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Peter Forest Interview on VICMOD

"As most synth heads know, the two books you simply must own are both from Peter Forrest!

The A-Z of Analogue Synthesizers is a synth lovers dream with so much information about all the great and not so great synthesizers specs and history. I caught up with Peter and asked him some questions."

You can find the full interview on VICMOD.

Trevor Pinch Interview on VICMOD

"Trevor Pinch is the co-author of the amazing book Analog Days. If you are a fan of synths, or just have a passing interest, this book is a must read. After interviewing so many people for the book I thought it would be great to interview Trevor."

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The Harvestman Interview on VICMOD

"The Harvestman is one of the most unique euro modular companies out there today. Expect the unexpected seems to be the rule , be it the Tyme Sefari, a bendable loop sampler/delay, the Zorlon Cannon an Atari style noise generator with random gates, or the Malgorithm the world's first voltage-controlled bitcrusher and much more.
I fired questions his way....."
You can find the full interview here. Be sure to check out the rest of VICMOD for more interviews.

Warren Burt interview on VICMOD

"Warren Burt has to be one of my favourite composers, up there with the likes of Sun Ra, Merzbow, Morton Subonick, Pierre Henry, Parmegiani etc yet his recordings have remained unheard by the masses. Even today people interested in early electronic music may have missed his recordings.Thankfully they are available via his web site"

You can find the interview on VICMOD.

Elby Design Interview on VICMOD

"The man behind Elby Designs is Laurie Biddulph. If you are interested in building synths from scratch Elby Design have heaps for you to choose from. If want to add to your euro modular system take a look at the Panther Series. If you want build a complete modular look at an ASM2. The list of things to build are huge. I took my soldering iron and PCB and chatted to Laurie."

You can find the full interview on VICMOD here.

Interview on Circuit Bending with Igor Amokian Part I

Sonicstate.TV via kgb2401
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* In August, I shot an interview with musician Chris Wild aka Igor Amokian. He talks about how he developed an interest in circuit bending, discusses the mindset behind it, and demonstrates several of his toys on camera.

This is Part One of a 40 minute interview, which is interspersed with live footage from a show Chris performed with an experimental jazz ensemble named Skyline Electric at Little Joy Bar @ Echo Park.
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