Dave Smith Instruments In The Spotlight With the OB-6 and Sunshine Jones

You'll find the full interview at Dave Smith Instruments here.

"Sunshine Jones is an electronic musician from San Francisco, California. He is a production machine that seems to be in constant motion. Hand made releases, full fledged vinyl releases, customized eurorack modules, hand built synthesizers, tutorial videos, consultations with manufacturers, beta testing, and non-stop encouragement

Legowelt Artist Patches for Roland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer

Published on Oct 15, 2017 RolandChannel

"Legowelt, a.k.a Danny Wolfers, is a one-of-a-kind synthesist who has created his own musical path that does not align with genres nor tradition. All Legowelt productions are filled with head-turning moments only capable through his wizardry of all things synthesizer.

We had the pleasure of sharing with him the Roland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer - a

Tim Exile's SLOR - Shed Load Of Resonators - Next Level Creative FX Plugin

Tim Exile's SLOR Shed Load Of Resonators - Sonic State video (new Project Rockpool collaboration mentioned at 8:15)
SLOR - Next level creative FX plugin
SLOR Sonic Exploration
SLOR Preset Examples


Next-level creative FX plugin
Mutate your sound like never before with Shed Loads Of Resonators

The Butterfly Effect

Transform the simplest sonic event into the huge,

Step inside DMX Krew’s amazing studio full of vintage synths

Published on Oct 13, 2017 FACTmagazine

"Synth crazy.

Best known as DMX Krew, Ed Upton has been making electro, acid and IDM-laced techno since the early ‘90s for labels such as Aphex Twin’s Rephlex, Legowelt’s Strange Life and, more recently, Hypercolour. He’s also a gear fiend, with a studio full of vintage synths and drum machines.

While we were visiting Upton to check out his custom-made

Dave Smith Instruments In the Spotlight with the Prophet-6 and Aidan Carroll

You can find the latest installment of Dave Smith Instruments "In the Spotlight" series with Chevron and the Prophet 12 here.

"Aidan Carroll is an international touring artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He has toured and performed with such artists as Lisa Fischer, Melody Gardot, Fred Hersch, Donald Fagen, Warren Haynes, and Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds. As a NYC-based musician,

Superbooth16: Lost on Earth: Gebrueder Teichmann

Lost on Earth: Gebrueder Teichmann from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

We finally get to see HerrSchneider dance. :)

"Brothers Teichmann made a product presentation on Superbooth16 for a real ousider product called midilooper getting it on the radar for distributors and midi-users this way. They offered two children workshops for live electronics on Superbooth17, they have been part of a panel

Instruo - Sinfonion // Modular Meets Leeds 2017

Published on Oct 5, 2017 DivKidVideo

"Yet more awesomeness from Instruo at Modular Meets Leeds 2017. This video has a quick look at Sinfonion which provides mass voices, chords, arpeggios and plenty more! Totally ace ... as I'm realising is all their stuff :)"

Dave Smith Instruments' In the Spotlight with the Prophet 12 and Chevron

You can find the latest in Dave Smith Instruments' "In the Spotlight" series with Chevron and the Prophet 12 here.

"Chevron is known for his work in many subgenres of electronic music. The two albums on Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu label spanned IDM, breakcore, braindance, chiptune, dubstep, electro, and acid. As part of the current crop of artists spearheading the UK acid revival, Chevron has

London Modular Alliance - Desert Island Synths: Buchla Music Easel

Published on Sep 29, 2017 FACTmagazine

"What piece of music gear would London Modular Alliance take to a desert island with them?

All is revealed in our forth episode of Desert Island Synths, where we asked the London producers to pick the most important piece of equipment in there studio.

The guys went straight for the classic Buchla Music Easel."

Modern Talking? w/ Ken MacBeth

Modern Talking? from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

"Ken Macbeth was visiting us to review the very first gig with his outstanding band FucketYbUcKetY on SUPERBOOTH17. In the audience there was also Marco Haas alias shitkatapult alias T.Raumschmiere who stated out sponaneously that he will only play again on Superbooth if-then together with this guy. So I asked them both to visit me in my office to

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